Inter-Milan scorecards: Lautaro leader from 8, Calhanoglu vengeful, Theo unrecognizable (4.5), Leao always serves

Inter-Milan report cards

(Alessandro Bocci) In the sign of Lautaro: he heads the seventh goal against Milan, also the seventh since returning from Qatar with the world champion crown. He is the perfect and relentless killer of Simone Inzaghi, who breaks the spell by winning his first Milan derby in the league. Unlike last year, same date and time, it doesn’t apply to the Scudetto, but allows Inter to take second place alone and look down on their rivals for Champions League places and money. The Devil is on his knees. If the Nerazzurri Bull is relentless, his rival Giroud, the man who overturned him twelve months ago in the derby with a brace, is the image of a shattered team. Olivier loses again like in the Lusail final and with less than a quarter of an hour to go he wastes the only, real, wonderful opportunity to fix the AC Milan night. (READ THE FULL STORY HERE).

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Drunk: 5,5

Almost bored, he creates dangers for himself, taking the wrong foot and restoring confidence in Milan. Light.

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Skriniar: 6.5

For him it is the last derby, barring crosses in the Champions League: he manages to play as if nothing had happened, after the hectic transfer market days. He will miss the derby, but he will miss the derby. Nostalgic.

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Unripe: 7

It watches as a long-standing «cast iron» in the final traffic. Severe.

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Sticks: 6.5

More continuous in the second half with his advances, so important to increase the game variables. Algebraic.

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Stretcher: 6.5

If he picked up a light bulb, he would turn it on too. Electric, even over the top at times, but always knows where to go, like purebred horses. Nevrile.

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Calhanoglu: 7

Playmaker or midfielder, what difference does it make when the motion is perpetual and the quality is always high? The corner of the decisive goal, the assist of the always poisoned ex, is tailor-made for Lautaro. Vengeful.

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Mkhitaryan: 6,5

He exchanges tasks with Calhanoglu, always looking ahead. Fifteenth as owner in a row, without making a turn even in pressing. When you say safe used. Serviced.

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Dimarco: 6,5

Second derby as owner after the one in Arabia, but the Inter San Siro has been his home since he was a child. Perhaps this is also why he is always intense, he never leaves a job unfinished, as confirmed by conquering the decisive angle. Hungry.

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Dzeko: 7

He doesn’t take away the whim of scoring in three derbies in a row, but nobody does how he ties up the attacking game. A great classic.

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Lautaro: 8

The captain’s band on the arm increases responsibilities, but also powers. On the third attempt he doesn’t forgive, as a diviner of the area. Then he recovers balls, his ankles scream, he almost doubles twice. Leader Maximo.

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Brozovich: 6

Who’s back. Lower the temperature in there.

6 Gosens Always waiting to be triggered. Misunderstood.

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Luke: 6.5

This time he enters properly, almost with enthusiasm. As in the disallowed goal. And in that touched.

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Tatarusanu: 6,5

Placing any blame on him, even for the smog or the traffic in Cormano, is one of this Milan’s mistakes. He’s not a champion, by no means, but if we’re down to four consecutive defeats it’s not just his responsibility, who also makes a great save to make it 0-0 and keeps the Devil alive in the apnea of ​​the first half. The sooner you understand it, the better.

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Rabbit: 5

Ready to go and he’s already in trouble up to his neck: Lautaro makes him dizzy. Shocked, he doesn’t recover.

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Kjaer: 5

The sixteen centimeters advantage over Martinez is not seen at all, the giant here seems to be the Argentine: on the corner of the winning goal, the Danish giant makes himself small.

Cage: 5

It’s one of the question marks of the evening’s “revoluciòn Pioliana”: if he was supposed to lend a hand to strengthen a down-at-heel defense, he didn’t succeed.

Calabria: 5

He loses the duel between defenders-ultrà with Dimarco next door. Below standard for a while.

Messiah: 5

«He was already a midfielder at Crotone», they said, to explain that he knows how to play in that position. Maybe, but not yesterday it seemed. So much so that he stays in the locker room at half-time.

Tonals: 5.5

He growls, sprints, chases, snorts. The desire is there, but he isn’t the usual all-rounder at the start of the season either. Where is the real Sandrino?

Theo Hernandez: 4.5

Unrecognizable, after the World Cup he is no longer him.

Giroud: 4.5

He didn’t turn around this time. On the contrary: he gets wrapped up incredibly devouring the equal goal. Error not from him, which weighs damn.

Origi: 5

The goal against Sassuolo, splendid but useless, earned him a starting shirt. He does not repay the trust.

Brahim Diaz: 6

Inside the interval for the bewildered Messias, the meaning of the Rossoneri evening changes: every good ball passes through his feet.

Saelemaekers: 5.5

Increases propulsion, but not enough.

5,5 ThiawHe wobbles too.

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Leo: 6

The great rejected player is taken out of the freezer after the interval, enters and warms up the Milan fans with two or three vibrations of his own. It’s difficult to do without Rafa in this Milan. But we are on the second bench in a row: everything ok?

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Pegs: 5

The plan is clear, play it to limit the damage and at least stop the bleeding. However, Milan ended up being too submissive and renouncing throughout the first half, waking up only in the second half, when it was already too late. The crisis was and remains profound. Col Toro Friday forbidden to fail.

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