Inter, Inzaghi almost uncomfortable in the conference. GdS: “Rebus Skriniar. In the secret rooms … “

The Nerazzurri coach used the press conference on the eve of Lecce to close the outgoing market

Alessandro De Felice

August 13

Determined, sharp, almost uncomfortable. At the beginning of his second season on the Inter bench, Simone Inzaghi no longer used half words and goes straight to the point. In the press conference on the eve of the match against Lecce tonight, the official debut of the new season, the coach was clear: “The team must remain this“.

“With an extra year of Interism on his skin, the coach has added awareness and gained a new status: now he can send out cutting, even uncomfortable messages – writes The Gazzetta dello Sport -. Yesterday, for example, for the first time since sitting on the Nerazzurri bench, he drew a decisive line: it is as if he said “you can’t go through here”, in view of the last fifteen days of the transfer market, unpredictable by nature “.

The only news will come in defense, with a graft to complete the department:

“The only exception, according to Simone, is only the box of the deputy De Vrij, the reserve central that once was Ranocchia: there, even the slightest tap will be done, without worries. Simone’s old soldier, Francesco Acerbi, would be the low cost last minute, Manuel Akanji in open war with Borussia Dortmund the gamble if you could spend a few million at the end of August “.

In the past, Inzaghi has been criticized for excessive corporateism with an overly tender approach to society. The newspaper reveals that in reality Simone, in the secret rooms, has always made his voice weigh, despite Suning’s stakes do not allow him to go too far with requests.

Inzaghi wants to hold back Skriniar but there is a need to watch out for the PSG danger:

“The stone on the story would seem a grave one, but along the streets of the market nothing is ever really taken for granted. Especially if around Europe there is a smart team, waiting, and with powerful economic means such as PSG. “is another, Inter, which must still make an asset on the market of about sixty million for the request of the property. In short, if and when the last Parisian offer falls in Milan, the one to take or leave (certainly lower than the 70 initially requested …), the Skriniar dossier will pass on the presidential table. Inzaghi’s words will certainly have a great weight on Zhang’s decision: it is impossible to say now whether they will be enough to cancel any temptation to make money immediately ” .

Cesare Casadei is always coming out, which would allow the Nerazzurri to budget a good capital gain:

“Chelsea is pressing on him: the Blues have pushed themselves to 10 million, but there are still five million to satisfy Inter. Yesterday the Nerazzurri talked once again with Sassuolo, more secluded.”

Marotta and Ausilio will try to keep Skriniar, trying to take alternative paths to the sale of the Slovak. The (inevitable) sale of a big player could be postponed until June 30 next year, making Inzaghi happy and no longer touching the squad, at least on exit.

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