Intention to Match Maia, Dul Immediately Shoot Amanda Caesa Problem Boyfriend


Dul Jaelani intentions arranged an marriage with Amanda Caesa. The matchmaking began when Maia Estianty was amazed to see Parto Patrio’s child.

On his YouTube channel, Amanda Caesa shows when he came suddenly to Maia’s house. His arrival was actually to consult the abuse problems experienced by Poppy Amalya who happened to be at the residence of Maia Estianty.

Dul Jaelani who was not ready was asked to open the door. He was surprised when he saw the figure of Amanda.

“I know that I’m grooming,” Dul said.

Amanda Caesa was then asked to come in and talk together at the dining table. There, he was at the table with Maia Estianty, Poppy Amalya, and Dul Jaelani.

Dul then asked trivial questions to Amanda. From age to date of birth.

“What age? Birth? Date?” Dul Jaelani asked.

“(Age) 17. (Birth) 2002. (Date) December 23,” answered Amanda Caesa.

Secretly Dul had already noticed Amanda. He had seen the YouTube channel Amanda Caesa.

“I could see your YouTube. Do you sing too?” Dul Jaelani asked.

“Yeah, I sing, there’s a song too,” said Amanda.

Then Dul gave a surprising question. Just met, he shot a question to Amanda Caesa about a boyfriend.

“Already has a lover?” Dul Jaelani asked.

“Not yet,” Amanda answered, looking down and blushing.

Maia Estianty who saw the moment was shocked. He did not expect Dul to directly ask this.

“You shot him straight, do you have a boyfriend or not,” he said.

Previously Maia Estianty wanted to make Amanda Caesa a prospective daughter-in-law. Because, he was worried about seeing Amanda’s appearance the first time.

“When I see a beautiful girl, I look younger than Dul. Wow. I want to match with Dul. Can I guys match with Dul?” he said.

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