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Instagram will allow your Stories to last 60 seconds

Digital applications have become tools that allow users to interact in different scenarios, among the most popular are social networks and these have been positioned since the beginning of the new century.

In this sense, Instagram has announced that it will allow the sharing of stories or ephemeral content in video format in a longer time, because currently only a time of 15 seconds is allowed.

It is worth remembering that if those 15 seconds are exceeded, the story divides. However, that will never happen again, as the tech company that belongs to Meta will allow the stories to be 60 seconds long.

Likewise, this feature will begin rolling out in the coming days among social network users globally, after last year’s test.

According to the portal TechCrunchthis new limit will allow you to share longer videos without trimming, as long as they are less than a minute long. If users exceed this limit, the content will be split into clips as before.

Instagram, on the other hand, which accumulates 1.478 million users, but its stiff competition is TikTok; The Canadian organization shares that users of the Chinese platform stay longer with a ratio of 19.6 hours per month, compared to 11.2 hours per month corresponding to Instagram.

In this sense, TikTok has expanded the options for sharing content from its platform with other rival social networks, which now allows creators to take their stories to Facebook and Instagram.

TikTok Stories are short videos, up to 15 seconds long, that disappear within 24 hours of posting. This is a recent novelty on this platform – in fact it is still being tested – although it has been largely integrated into others such as Snapchat – from which they come -, Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram.

This means that content creators can share their stories on their own profile and, with the new options that Tiktok has just rolled out, also show them on rival social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

Finally, this week the social network Twitter announced several news on its recent developments, where it includes sharing tweets on other platforms or social networks and the long-awaited tweet editing feature.

Social network users on Android depended on screenshots to be able to post their ‘tweets’ on other platforms. An issue the company fixed on iOS last year, but was still pending on Android.

Through the TwitterSupport account, he announced that it is now possible on Android devices to share a tweet directly on Snapchat and Instagram Stories. To this novelty is added a new button to be shared also on LinkedIn, available for both operating systems.

Instagram puts its magnifying glass on nudes in chats

The social network Instagram is currently working on a tool that aims to blur the images of potential nudes that are detected in the application’s chats.

Similarly, Alessandro Paluzzi, engineering expert and renowned developer, through his Twitter account confirmed the news of the technology company owned by Meta.

Similarly, Paluzzi shared an image of the possible screen showing the new functionality, which is already under development. In it, Instagram ensures that this is an update of the application itself, rather than processing on external servers. Additionally, the tech company has confirmed that it won’t be able to access those photos.

This new tool works when the user decides to activate it from the settings section. In that order of ideas, when a photo of a possible nude is detected in the chat, Instagram will proceed to blur itkeeping it that way until the person decides to see it.

* With information from Europa Press.

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