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Insight into the Reliability of Chinese Crossover “Tank” after Real Accident

While Chinese crossovers “Tank” are conquering the Russian market, but surprising Russian car owners at a considerable price for uncertain quality, the first clarifications of the horizon of the issue appear on the Internet. For example, the IXBT edition published the consequences of dismantling the Tank 500, which had an accident.

Moreover, the accident was not staged, but was quite real. The accident caused serious external damage to the crossover. The car was moving at high speed, then jumped off the road and rolled over several times.

But what is the result? What should Russian buyers focus on?

Judging by the analysis of the consequences, the power structure of the crossover remained intact. The doors opened, as did the trunk. The engine also remained in its original place, and the elements of the engine compartment were not affected.

Experts found minor damage to the block with the camera attached to the windshield. Interestingly, the airbags did not fire, as the impact was not strong enough. All passengers were safe and uninjured.

EADaily previously reported the details of the already domestic analysis of the Chinese “Tank”. There were a lot more questions for the crossover here.

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