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Inside Kylie Jenner’s Crazy Luxury World: Handbags in Air-Conditioned Rooms and a Billion-Euro Empire

One shines gold, the other shines in pink – and another costs as much as a single-family home in a prime location.

Welcome to the crazy luxury world of reality TV star Kylie Jenner (26), where the handbags have their own air-conditioned room.

You think this is a high-end boutique? Wrong – it’s one of the dressing rooms in Kylie Jenner’s house


Who can can! The young entrepreneur is now said to have over a billion euros in her account. Thanks to a well-known family name, a successful US reality show (“Keeping up with the Kardashians”), 300 million Instagram followers and various cosmetics and fashion brands (e.g. “Kylieskin” and “Khy”). Five years ago, according to Forbes, she was the youngest self-made billionaire of all time.

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And she likes to show it off: her modest handbag collection is said to have a total value of more than one million euros.

Most expensive treasure – and therefore one of the most valuable handbags in the world: a beige “Hermès Himalaya Kelly” made of crocodile leather with 18-carat white gold decoration and a clasp set with diamonds. Auction value estimated by experts: now easily over 500,000 euros.

This bag actually needs its own bodyguard: Here, Kylie is carrying her Kelly bag for a walk in Los Angeles a month after the birth of her son Aire (now 2).

Foto: action press

Jenner once said in 2018 about this bag, which is constantly increasing in value and cannot be bought in stores: “If my house was on fire and I could only take one bag with me, I would always save this one. She’s just very special to me.”

Jenner in her pink make-up room, where she says she spends most of her time (besides her study). Next to her: a picture of Marilyn Monroe, next to colorful wigs


Kylie has lived for several years in the secluded celebrity town of “Hidden Hills,” a small town for the super-rich, 30 minutes by car from Los Angeles. Here she owns several million-dollar properties.

A quick look at Jenner’s current house reveals this much: she likes it cozy, squeaky and colorful, loves modern art on the walls and carpet on the floor.

Almost all of them in one photo, BEFORE various beauty procedures. From left: Robert Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Kris Jenner and Kendall Jenner in September 2020

Foto: picture alliance / zz/Raoul Gatchalian/STAR MAX/IPx

But she didn’t come up with all of this herself, but rather the British interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullar (56/“Star Style: Interiors of Martyn Lawrence Bullard”, Vendome Press, November 2023), whose daily fee alone buys you one of Jenner’s bags could.

Jenner in her kitchen with lots of storage space, futuristic ceiling light and massive marble blocks. What her cooking skills are like and how many housekeepers help her remain a secret


Jenner on her home style: “I wanted a fresh, fun feel that matched my mood. Color was important to me. I love pink and I wanted a lot of it.”

Kylie shows off her entire house in all its swanky glory. What she hides: the reality of being a single mother with two children. Toy? None. Daughter Stormi is six, son Aeri is just two. Kylie got the two when she was still in a relationship with rapper Travis Scott (32).

Evening with the Jenners: Mom Kylie in a bathrobe with Aire (in her arms) and daughter Stormi

Photo: kyliejenner/Instagram

It’s questionable whether the two mini-Jenners will be allowed to play in one of Mom’s stylish rooms. But there are definitely oversized children’s rooms…

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