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Inmates of Pedregal prison will learn about technology 4.0

This Tuesday, December 20, the doors of a new world opened for the inmates of the El Pedregal prison, with the inauguration of a program that will allow them to access the courses on technology 4.0 and the Software Valley, offered by Sapiencia, which will also reach the men’s pavilion.

News that was a gift from heaven for Dayana, given that the 8 years she spent in this detention center forced her to remain in oblivion and technological backwardness.

“We’ve come out of the little cage we’re in from the routine and it’s very nice that they take into account that we’re not really dead to society so to speak,” said Mayurly Jaramillo, an inmate at El Pedregal.

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“It is a second opportunity for us to improve ourselves as a person and at a very good level of study because we are very outdated and the time we spend here will be something very productive for us,” he assured. Dayana Jaramillo, held in El Pedregal.

In 34 fields, people deprived of their liberty will be able to train and improve their knowledge in digital marketing, programming and web development.

“We will have the possibility of having here in the Pedregal complex only a population that exceeds 400 people, but we still lack the statistics of Bellavista and Itagüí in which we will extend the process,” said Carlos Alberto Chaparro, director of Sapienza.

This program will also be brought to the young people of the special centers La POLA and La Floresta in January.

“If we want Medellín to be a valley of software, we must fight so that the entire population can absolutely access these skills without discrimination,” he explained. Diana Osorio, Social Manager of Medellín.

The grand opening of these programs was accompanied by a fashion show, where the inmates modeled the garments they made themselves.

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