ING Bank Romania launches an application that allows merchants to collect payments via mobile phone

ING Bank Romania has launched on the market ING SoftPOS, the application that transforms mobile devices with Android operating system into a POS, which accepts contactless payments made with the card, phone or any other payment accessories equipped with NFC technology.

This way, merchants can accept payments anytime, anywhere their mobile internet connection allows them.

“ING SoftPOS is a modern and practical alternative, especially for entrepreneurs who need mobility to run and grow their business,” says Crina Nicolae, card development director at ING Bank Romania.

The banking institution provides the solution through two separate applications: ING SoftPOS – CPoC (Contactless Payments on COTS) certified and ING SoftPOS PIN PAD – an application dedicated to capturing and encrypting payers’ PIN, certified by Visa and Mastercard accredited institutions.

ING SoftPOS solution was developed in partnership with Payten Services Romania and SoftPos sp z oo and is supported by Visa and Mastercard.

“The ING SoftPOS application meets the strict security standards of the payment industry, is easy to install and can be used successfully in a variety of businesses, from payment to delivery in online commerce, in food markets, fairs, cafes, restaurants, up to at small street vendors, shows or sporting events. Not only does the merchant’s life become simpler, but he can increase his income, because he is no longer conditioned by a certain location and can accept digital payments anywhere and anytime “, explains Elena Ungureanu, Country Manager Romania within Visa.

Basically, in order to make a payment through the ING SoftPOS application, the merchant enters the payment amount, and the buyer brings his mobile phone or card closer to his device. The application processes the payment, and the merchant receives the payment confirmation electronically, without consuming paper, which he can send to the customer by QR code or e-mail, if he wishes.

Through ING SoftPOS, the merchant has 24/7 real-time access to payment history, sales developments, user administration and reporting.

“The solution is developed especially for the needs of small businesses, which will find immediate benefits by reducing the cost of maintenance and easily accepting contactless payments, using a simple smartphone. At the same time, for cardholders, contactless payment is the most convenient method of payment, due to the high level of security and the simple and fast way in which it is done. “, Concludes Cosmin Vladimirescu, Country Manager Mastercard Romania and Croatia.

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