Infinity Ward reveals 3 upcoming changes to Modern Warfare multiplayer

Joe Cecot, co-director of multiplayer Call of duty : Modern Warfare, recently revealed a number of changes to come in the multiplayer of the game.

While fans have been asking for additional class slots, prestige, and more since the game came out, there are plenty of changes to come on Modern Warfare.

On January 3, Cecot responded to a Modern Warfare fan asking when Infinity Ward planned to install new class locations.

Infinity Ward
Infinity Ward

In response, Cecot confirmed that this should happen during the month of January.

This addition shouldn’t be particularly complex for Infinity Ward to add, so we should see new class locations in the coming weeks.

Improvement of the trophy system

Cecot also responded to a fan who wondered if the trophy system would be reviewed.

The fan in question disputed that the trophy system takes a long time to deploy and that it inflicts too much damage when it explodes.

In response, Cecot said: “The intention is to make a parade against the grenades.“He then referred to Modern Warfare 3, the game in which the trophy system was introduced.

On Modern Warfare 3, the trophy dealt 30 explosion damage in a small radius, I will look at the damage it inflicts and see what results from it“.

Game modes

Finally, Cecot confirmed that there will be crossovers of several game modes, including Cranked and more in the near future. A player had requested a game mode.

Cranked was one of the most popular modes in Modern Warfare, encouraging fans to play more aggressively in return for certain in-game perks.

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