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Indonesian Navy Officially Stops Appointment of KRI Nanggala Submarine

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

The Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) Navy (AL) ends the effort to lift the submarine KRI Nanggala 402 which sank in the waters of Bali some time ago.

In an effort to evacuate the ship that sank at a depth of 838 meters in the waters of Bali, the Indonesian Navy also expressed its gratitude to Mr
The Chinese Navy (People Liberation Army Navy / PLA Navy) has sent three ships, namely the PLA Navy Ship Ocean Tug Nantuo-195, PLA Navy Ocean Salvage & Rescue Yong Xing Dao-863 and Scientific Salvage Tan Suo 2.

The Head of the Maritime Security Group (Danguskamla) of the Second Fleet Command, First Admiral of the TNI I, Gung Putu Alit Jaya, directly expressed his gratitude at the coordination meeting for the end of the KRI Nanggala-402 submarine salvage operation.

“We express our highest gratitude to the ships that have struggled to carry out lifting on the seabed and apologize if there were any inconveniences felt during this operation,” he said in a written statement, Wednesday (2/6).

The meeting ending the Nanggala evacuation effort was attended by the Chinese Defense Attaché (Athan) to Indonesia, Senior Colonel Chen Yongjing representing the Chinese government, Deputy Athan Colonel Zheng Yuanyuan, Deputy Consul General Denpasar Mei Yuncai at Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta.

The Indonesian Navy acknowledged that the activities that have been carried out related to the evacuation of KRI Nanggala are knowledge and future references to further enhance bilateral relations between the navies.

Putu Alit also admitted that the salvage operation of KRI Nanggala-402 at a depth of 838 meters was not an easy task and contained a very high level of risk and difficulty.

“During the implementation of this salvage operation, 20 dives have been carried out and have succeeded in lifting important materials which is a manifestation of the extraordinary success of the salvage team’s performance,” he said.

Meanwhile, Senior Colonel Chen Yongjing representing the Chinese Government said that for about a month, the Chinese Navy and the Indonesian Navy had been working together and coordinating well.

In addition, the team from China also tried to collect as much documentation as possible in the form of photos and videos and raised some of the KRI Nanggala which had all been handed over to the Indonesian side.

“This is one concrete evidence of humanitarian rescue activities carried out together with the Indonesian Navy,” he said.


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