Indian Summer 2019: The ultimate map of the USA


The ultimate card for Indian Summer in the USA

Landscapes in red, orange and yellow – in autumn, if you find the perfect time, you can hike through true color explosions. This map shows where this is possible in the USA and when.

The autumn is here! First of all, that means: The long, warm days are a thing of the past. And second, you don’t have to be sad about it. As long as the trees have not lost their leaves and their foliage shines in the sun in every imaginable shade of red and orange, autumn is a real explosion of colors.

Where the Indian Summer 2019 reaches its peak and when

The drama is especially known under the name Indian Summer in North America. Fortunately, the Americans have a map that shows you when and where the color explosion will peak.

The portal map “Smoky Mountains“Is not only a search engine for great Instagram motifs, you can also use it to plan colorful autumn hikes.

At least if you are on a trip to the USA between October 5th and November 23rd, 2019. Because then the high point of autumn moves like a wave from the north and center of the USA to the south of the country.

Indian Summer: Autumn is most beautiful here in the USA

It starts at the beginning of October. Then autumn reaches its peak in the US states of Minnesota and Colorado. They are followed by the west of Montana, Wyoming and New Mexico as well as Michigan, Wisconsin and the northern tip of the east coast until the sea of ​​colors finally arrives in the very south in Florida, Louisiana and Texas in mid-November.

Where the Indian summer is most beautiful

The autumn colors are said to be most beautiful in the mid-Atlantic states such as New York or Pennsylvania, in New England, in the Ohio Valley, the states in the Great Lakes region such as Michigan and Minnesota and in the American Midwest.

Because there is a dry and warm weather period in late autumn with a bright blue sky and particularly intense leaf color. The Americans call this exact time Indian Summer.

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