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India sacrificed five bodies at the Seram Institute fire The world’s largest vaccine factory

India sacrificed 5 people – January 21 Hindustan Times Report of the fire at the vaccine production unit of Serum Institute of India (SIA) in Pune, Maharashtra, in the western part of the country. Which is the world’s largest vaccine factory And contracts for millions of COVID-19 vaccines developed by Astraseneca – Oxford British

The fire occurred at 2:45 p.m. local time on the 4th and 5th floors of the SEZ 3 building in the Serum Institute. Fire fighters used 15 fire engines to control the fire around 4:30 pm amidst the huge smoke of the building and rising from the Seram Institute

While smoke filled the Serum Institute building Officials escaped to evacuate nine stranded people from the vaccine unit. It Which is about 1 kilometer away from the building fire, then when the fire is calm Rescuers rushed to evacuate four stranded people from the Seam Institute building and found five of them, all of whom were workers working in the building, part of which was under construction.

The cause is under investigation. But presumably, it was caused by a sparks that the welders and eventually splashed into contact with the combustible material at the Serum Institute construction site and the eventual fire.

side Adar Phunawala CEO and Owner of the Serum Institute of India Tweet messages expressing respect to the deceased relative. And said there would be no damage in vaccine production. Because the company has other vaccine production units

The Indian Serum Institute expects to produce more than 12 billion doses of the vaccine against COVID-19 this year. And wealthy countries have ordered about 9 billion vaccines, and the serum institute is producing vaccines developed for India and low and middle income countries. And is preparing to produce a vaccine developed by the company Nova Wax US

While India is targeting 300 million people by July And recently sent out the first lot of COVID-19 vaccines to neighboring countries including Bhutan and Maldives And sent 2 million vaccines Bangladesh And 1 million needles go Nepal There are also plans to offer 20 million vaccines. South Asian neighbors Continue with Latin America and Central Asia with

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