“Incredible discovery!” 85 years after a photographer’s expedition, historical photographic equipment is found in the mountains

85 years later, a team of mountain scientists, enthusiasts and professional explorers discovered a hiding place of historical objects created in the ice.

In 1937, Henry Bradford Washburn was attempting to climb Mount Lucania when bad weather forced him to bury his photographic equipment.

In late April this year, professional alpine skier Griffin Post, along with other adventurers and scientists, went on a three-week expedition to the glacier in Kluane National Park and Reserve in Canada to locate the cameras.

“I was confident, but I knew the situation was like the proverbial ‘needle in a haystack,'” Post said.

“A lot can happen on a glacier in 85 years. We had an idea where to start looking, but nothing specific. We walked many kilometers, walking up and down the glacier. We had a hard time finding it, we couldn’t to find it nowhere, “said the University of Ottawa glaciologist. Dora Magicka.

To try to get an idea of ​​the original location of the cache, the team examined cached photographs that had survived the Washburn expedition.

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