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Incredible Chronology of Baby from Incestuous Relationship Dies, 2 Hours After Birth


A baby died two hours after birth. It is known, the baby is from an incest or blood relationship with a serious medical condition.

The poor baby from Dustlik, Uzbekistan, was born on June 4, 2022. He has a severe birth defect that can be life threatening, because his parents are siblings.

His mother is a woman born in 1994. She gave birth to a boy with a height of 47 centimeters. This is her second child, the first born to her previous husband, and her pregnancy was normal, the Ministry of Health reported.

In most cases, children born from blood relations can develop birth defects and disabilities.

The Baby’s Condition

Quoted from Daily Star, the baby has a severe congenital defect. She has dry, scaly skin on her buttocks, and cries very loudly when placed in an incubator.

“He was born with severe congenital ichthyosis, as well as other life-threatening birth defects,” said the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan.

Congenital ichthyosis skin disorder is a severe genetic disorder that affects the skin condition. Babies born with this condition will have thick skin that covers most of their body.

Quoted from the National Organization of Rare Disease, the most common form of ichthyosis is a hereditary disorder. Moreover, some forms are caused by dominant genes and some by recessive genes.

All ichthyosis conditions are rare disorders. The incidence varies according to the type of disease.

Died 2 Hours After Birth

After the baby was born, doctors have tried to keep him alive. However, unfortunately the baby died after being born 2 hours 10 minutes into the world.

In most cases, children born to marriages of close relatives can develop various genetic defects. For example, congenital mental retardation, Down syndrome, to chromosomal abnormalities.

“In particular, because of such a family, an unborn child can develop dangerous diseases such as congenital mental retardation, chromosomal abnormalities, Down’s syndrome, severe mental and physical retardation,” explained the Ministry of Health.

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