Including impotence… What are the complications of using hormones to enlarge muscles?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Have you started exercising to prevent disease? Or maybe you’re trying to toughen up because you’re approaching your fifties.

Whatever the reason behind your pursuit of more activity and increased muscle mass in your body, it’s important to avoid using hormones and steroids to achieve your goal, as the official Gulf Health Council account indicated in a tweet via ” Twitter” that this leads to serious complications.

Possible complications of using growth hormone and steroids:

  • AND
  • liver problems
  • Kidney damage
  • Heart disease, such as a heart attack

You can increase muscle mass without using these substances by taking protein supplements to cover the daily requirement, but the health status of people with kidney or liver problems must be taken into account.

Low levels of physical activity and less exercise lead to muscle loss and weakness as you age.

Often, muscle wasting begins to appear in the 30s, then accelerates in the 50s and picks up dramatically in the mid-70s.

However, the process of muscle loss can be slowed down through muscle building exercises and by supporting the connection between nerves and muscle cells to maintain them.

Strength training also helps improve the body’s response to dietary protein.

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