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In the USA, a truck carrying 12 tons of deodorant explodes!

A truck carrying 12 tons of deodorant to explode in the United States throwing thousands of bottles around it.

A truck driver rides peacefully on the freeway in Oklahoma around 5 a.m. Then the truck starts to have slight brake problems, the driver decides to stop in a truck stop, near Big Cabin.

A dramatic start to the fire

But coming down from his cabin, he notices that a fire has started igniting first the tires and then the trailer. Problem, the cargo is not trivial since it is of 12 tons of desiccant, highly flammable. Although the driver tried to extinguish the fire with a fire extinguisher, the flames quickly spread and the sprays were detonated!

A scene worthy of a war zone

The thousands of pressurized bottles then exploded one after the other like a fireworks display. They found themselves thrown all over the parking lot. Miraculously, no one was hurt as it formed like shrapnel rushing in all directions. Trucks parked around as well as firefighters arriving at the scene were damaged, as was a nearby repair shop.

Kevin Oakley, the fire chief in charge of putting out the blaze said: “It was like a war zone”.

To clean the parking lot or the fire, a specialized company had to be called. Indeed, the ground was littered with thousands of completely charred deodorant bottles.

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