In One Night at Tenerife, Elina Diedrichson Narrates Her Experience of “Losing” 1,200 Euros

Elina reveals that when they moved into the apartments, they paid 2,759 euros for five nights, an average of 600 euros per night.

“If you pay that kind of money, then I expect service, sleep, I want to be like a queen. It’s not enough just to have a beautiful view, I also want warm water and warmth. If I were to pay 200-300 euros per night, I wouldn’t mind,” says Elina.

When the couple moved in, they immediately smelled the smell, the smell of mold, the house was cold, there was no hot water, there were no heated floors, the pool was dirty, the jacuzzi, like from Shrek’s swamp.

For warmth, there were small oil radiators that heated up so that, God forbid, little Jason would crawl over and touch them. Photos showing the villa showed other radiators and promised other extras.

Since it was impossible to take a warm shower or wash the baby, the couple decided to move out.

In the end, the couple agreed with the owner, who turned out to be a Spanish man, that they would pay for one night and return the rest of the money to them, but that did not happen. The Spaniard returned only 1,601 euros and blocked Elina’s husband Naura’s profile on the Airbnb website.

Or have you had various misunderstandings with renting a residence during your travels abroad?

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