If there’s one thing Apple is sure of, it’s that its products and services aren’t the cheapest on the market. But what’s more, starting from September there will be an increase of some repairs. So at least we can read in the Apple document that the device battery repair is reported Prices will go up from OctoberSo if you are thinking of fixing it, don’t let it go for a long time and use it now which is cheaper.

Apple has the distinction of not only offering one of the best after-sales services on the market, but also one of the most expensive. A series of quality devices should be considered repaired and manufactured with systems of exquisite precision. This means a higher repair cost than other devices of the same nature. Also, one of the big companies does not sell terminals, MaintenanceAlso a perfect move if you expect the price to go up.

There was no official announcement, but it was users who noted that Apple specified in a document that both batteries would be repaired starting in April. iphoneBoth iPad and Mac will see price increases starting in March. So $50 for an iPhone, the same amount for an iPad (depending on the model), and $50 for some Mac models like MacBook Pros. Only if the repair is not covered by your warranty or the AppleCare+ system.

Let’s hope that Apple doesn’t want to make money on official repairs that it can’t do by selling devices.