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In Le Havre, a children’s book adapted to “dys” written by middle school students

The fifty or so students from two Culture and Heritage classes in 5th and 4th year (now in 4th and 3rd year) at the Montesquieu Sainte-Marie college in Le Havre did more than write The secret of the compass (La Marmite à mots editions). Supervised by five teachers, including Delphine Heurtaux, professor of mathematics and coordinator of the Ulis system (localized unit for school inclusion) TSLA (specific language and learning disorders), they certainly attended writing workshops, but also accomplished a life course. Among them, almost half of the students in both classes have special needs, being dyslexic, dyspraxic, dysphasic or autistic. All of them worked together, learning to reconcile their points of view on the construction of the plot, making compromises, to end up appreciating the richness of the group work. Their novel is the fruit of this “doing together”.

A praise of brotherhood

This initiative is the extension of a project implemented in 2018-2019. The Raconte-nous Le Havre association was then already a partner of the Montesquieu Sainte-Marie college since 2015 for having published several books including Tell us about it Havre from 1517 to the present day. A new collection of adventure novels is launched, suitable for children with reading difficulties and intended for 10-14 year olds. The first volume, The forgotten treasure, published in 2019. The heroes investigate and solve puzzles that lead them through Sainte-Adresse and Le Havre. However, the plot ends in Marrakech! The budding writers did not dare imagine being able to follow in the footsteps of their heroes in preparation for their second volume. It was without counting on the determination of the teaching team.

A trip was quickly organized in Marrakech last November: a stay as entertaining as it was spiritual, during which the students saw the three monotheistic religions coexist. Back in Le Havre, the students continued their spiritual journey with visits to three places of worship in Le Havre: the Le Havre synagogue, the Caucriauville mosque and the Saint-Joseph church. To make the link between Morocco, the presence of the three religions and to promote brotherhood in their novel, they choose as character for the beginning of the plot Charles de Foucauld, a cavalry officer of the French army who lived at the end of the 19th century. beginning of the 20th century and who would become a geographer by mapping Morocco, then a Catholic religious, going to meet the peoples of the desert.

Caroline Triaureau, youth author and editor of La Marmite à mots, will guide them throughout the work in writing workshops. The extraordinary investment of these students is a real lesson in life. ” At first, I didn’t like writing, says Antonin, in 3rd. I told myself I was wasting my time. I learned to take my time. Even “dys”, no one made a difference. This project gave me back my self-confidence. And now, every once in a while, I write stories at home. »

« The secret of the compass », Caroline Triaureau and the Culture and Heritage class of the Collège Montesquieu Sainte-Marie in Le Havre, La Marmite à mots editions. 11.50 €.

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