In Florida, teenagers in the shoes of radio columnists

In 2020, the Labo du Florida, funded by the Agglomeration of Agen, launched the Radio Agglo project. The initial objective of this platform was to give a voice to the inhabitants of the agglomeration. Wednesday afternoon’s workshop gave participants the opportunity to discover the facets of audio broadcasting, preparing a program which was broadcast live at 4:30 p.m., after two and a half hours of preparation.

A press review as a radio chronicle

Satine, Sullivan, Thilian and Thimothée, music class students and trainees, middle school students at Jasmin, established with their facilitator, Pierre-Mary Gimenez, a postulate: the media must resemble those who create it. To start the session, they thought about the content of Radio Agglo. Since the parent structure is the Florida, music is a golden subject. The teenagers therefore offered to give information on the music of the moment, for example, to talk about the next artists to play at Florida. Secondly, to discover sounds (like the rock group System of a Down, of which Satine is a fan). Then, why not honor the Lot-et-Garonne handball clubs (two of the boys practice it) through a sports chronicle?

The press review is part of the radio chronicles. A debrief of the local daily newspapers is necessary to share the information.

The crucial importance of the driver

The hardest part of being a radio journalist: start on time and finish on time! Hence the importance of the conductor, this table that is put in place by summarizing the subjects and their order of passage, carefully timed. Armed with headphones and microphones, in front of the mixing desk, the apprentice radio journalists were ready for their live broadcast!

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