in Anglet, the hostility to the extent shared by vaccinated and unvaccinated walkers

It is this Monday that the vaccination pass replaces the health pass from the age of 16 in all places where it was compulsory. A negative test will no longer suffice, it will be necessary to be completely vaccinated, to justify a contraindication, or to present a certificate of recovery of less than six months. If nearly 78% of the population received the two doses, only 33 million people made the recall. With the shortening of the time between the second and third dose and the explosion in the number of positive cases, difficult to say how many people will be banned from entering in these places. But the measure is still contested in the street, 38,000 demonstrators were counted on Saturday throughout France.

We are deprived of our freedoms, so we get vaccinated. It’s not by choice, it’s by obligation.

Among walkers this Sunday at the Chambre d’Amour in Anglet, the vaccination pass aroused indifference at best, even among the few people in favor of the measure. “We thought it was January 15”, laughs a couple in their twenties. “We are vaccinated, so as it will not change anything.” And it is precisely so that nothing changes that many say they have been vaccinated, but with suspicion. “I did it like I think a lot of people who have done government stuffed animals, that is to say if we want to have leisure, go to a restaurant, we are vaccinated”, explains a passerby.

Those who do not do the booster dose will lose their pass

Same for the unvaccinated, the measure might not change much. This resident of the interior Basque Country has never needed a health pass on a daily basis: “I’ve never been asked. And I hope people won’t ask. That way, we’ll pretend it doesn’t exist, we don’t talk about it anymore, we continue to live. For us, that’s normal.” This head of a company near Bayonne for his part renounced all the places where the health history was requested: “I’m holding on as long as I can. I’m not against vaccines at all or anything, but I’m showing my opposition to this way of doing things.”

On the other hand, this father of a family from Bayonne is about to cut herself off from a large part of her social life, when his pass will expire for lack of having done the booster dose. “The pandemic has continued to grow, we see the latest figures exploding”, he laments. “I don’t see what a third dose will change. And how depriving some people of bars and restaurants will slow down the pandemic. So two doses was good, it didn’t change anything, so we’ll stop there .”

As of February 15, you must have received the maximum booster four months after the second dose.

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