Imprisonment for an American who crashed his plane for a YouTube video

An American YouTube user was sentenced to six months in prison for deliberately causing his plane to crash in order to film himself jumping from it with a parachute before it crashed. This exciting video clip garnered a large number of views online.

In this video clip, which has been viewed millions of times since November 2021, Trevor Jacob, who is passionate about extreme sports, appears as if he is facing a technical problem during the flight, before he throws himself off the plane over California, carrying a selfie stick in his hand.

The incident was filmed from all angles using cameras installed on the plane.

But this accident was in fact planned in all its details by this experienced pilot with the aim of promoting a company with which he signed a sponsorship contract, as the US Department of Justice explained in a statement.

The YouTuber, who previously represented the United States in figure skating competitions at the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014, was keen to show in the video a wallet made by the company that sponsors him.

Public prosecutors in the case believed that Jacob “committed this crime with the aim of attracting coverage from the media and social networks for financial gain,” and considered that “it is not possible to tolerate this type of reckless behavior.”

The 30-year-old athlete was convicted of obstructing a federal investigation. It is a crime punishable by up to twenty years in prison.

After the accident, he confirmed to the authorities that he did not know where the plane crashed.

But court documents showed that he and his friend removed the debris from a forest using a helicopter, and then Jacob cut the plane into small pieces and threw them in garbage containers.

He also admitted that he lied to investigators by informing them of a false report stating that the plane had encountered a technical problem.

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