Impressive waterspout observed at the Belgian Coast this morning (video)

An impressive column formed at the Belgian Coast, in Koksijde more particularly, around noon on Monday. Several of you have sent us pictures and videos of the meteorological phenomenon via the storm button Alert us.

Joined by our editorial staff, IRM explains: “It’s a waterspout (sea) not a tornado. It’s less intense. It’s the minimalist version of a tornado”, explains Fabian Debal of the Royal Meteorological Institute. “It is not so rare for the season, we often find them in the second part of summer. In particular, two elements are needed: an upward trend (the showers) and winds from different directions. (…) It remains very impressive to watch. ”

A waterspout is a rotating column of air mixed with water, forming a cloudy funnel, under a convective cloud above a body of water. These micro-scale phenomena are formed when conditions are very unstable as cold air passes over warm water. Usually less intense than a tornado, they dissipate once on land.

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