Immediately 2 dropouts at Expedition Robinson

Note: Below are spoilers about the episode of Expeditie Robinson: All Stars from Thursday 24 February.

Two candidates immediately had to clear the field in the first episode of Expeditie Robinson: All Stars. Former hurdler Gregory Sedoc and model/musician Kay Nambiar were sent home. That means that the rest of these candidates from Expeditie Robinson: All Stars still in play.

‘crazy in my head’

Gregory in particular had a hard time stomaching his exit, he tells Luuk Ikink in the after-talk show island talk on RTL 5: “I wanted to scream. I was going crazy in my head. It’s not ready. It’s just begun…”

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Tied up in Expedition Robinson

The candidates were very in the last assignment of the evening kinky chained to a tree. Kay and Gregory couldn’t free themselves and had to get on the plane back home. †Where did your emotions come from?“, Luuk asks Gregory island talk. Gregory explains: “Expedition 2018 really changed my life. I expected and hoped that I would experience such moments again. (…) Only I didn’t get that chance.”

‘It’s been nice’

Bad luck for Gregory. In Expeditie Robinson 2018 the former top athlete just missed the win at the last minute. A few years later, in the first episode, he is sent home. Gregory: “You know? It’s really good. You know… But I wanted it so badly, you know. I was so ready. I was… It does… It’s been beautiful. Yes.”

The new season of Expedition Robinson can be seen from 24 February at 8.30 pm on RTL 4. Do you have a Videoland subscription? Then you can preview an episode every Thursday.

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