Imagine Tottenham having a trio of Bale, Son, Kane


Rumors of a return Gareth Bale ke Tottenham Hotspur strengthened. If realized, Tottenham are considered to have another good opportunity to compete in the top four.

Bale reportedly continues to move closer to his old club, Tottenham Hotspur. The Lilywhites already negotiating with Real Madrid and trying to sign him on loan.

The latest report even states that the 31-year-old player has said goodbye to his Madrid teammates. This time, the chances of Bale leaving can be said to be bigger than ever before.

He was almost about to move to the Chinese Super League, but canceled at the last minute. Meanwhile, the efforts of other clubs to recruit him are almost always hampered by high salaries. He is paid around 15 million euros per season.

Even though in Madrid, Bale is no longer part of the team’s plans. Throughout the 2019/2020 season, he only appeared 20 times with three goals.

So, Tottenham can be the place and opportunity for Bale to revive his fading career. For Tottenham itself, the presence of the Welshman has the opportunity to increase their chances of competing in the top four.

He will add to the power of Tottenham who previously relied on a duet Son Heung-min and Harry Kane. The pair scored 29 goals in the Premier League last season, which is more than half the team’s goals (47).

“You have to admit, if he can modify his game and they play in that front area with three players: him, Heung-min Son, and Harry Kane, which sounds fantastic then it would be a great signing,” said the former striker. Arsenal, who is now an analyst, Ian Wright, was reported Metro.

“You’re talking about someone who is easily worth 15 or 20 goals, and how many points tried? 20 more points? What does that mean for Spurs? Definitely going to be in the top four and challenging up there.”

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“And when you talk about defense, with Reguilon and Matt Doherty, with the encouragement they have, that’s what Harry Kane didn’t have before,” added the former England international.

But Gareth Bale not without question marks. There is a concern that the lack of playing time will make his instincts and instincts on the field decline. Will he be able to return to, or at least get close to, his former best level?

“There must be a question mark. What people can’t avoid is: You don’t get Bale who left, of course. You get Bale who is older, more experienced, but we are still talking about a Bale who is world class,” continued Wright. .

“If he comes back and gets to a point close to the level he used to be, even if you don’t expect him to reach that point, but at 31 years old, if he can do anything, then the situation will be interesting for Tottenham,” he said.

Tottenham last season had to settle for finishing in sixth position with 59 points. They are seven points away from Chelsea in fourth place, which is the boundary of the Champions League zone.

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