‘I’m Solo’ 6th era Yeong-cheol ♥ Younger-sook’s wedding ceremony preparations, newlywed dwelling discovered … Youthful-su’s fourth generation breaks up with shaman Jeong-sook

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‘I’m Solo’ 6th technology Yeong-cheol ♥ Youthful-sook’s marriage ceremony preparations, the property of the freed newlyweds … 4th era Younger-su broke up with shaman Jeong-sook (Photo = SBS Furthermore, ENA)

The filming location of the wedding and the newlywed home of couples Younger-cheol and Younger-sook in the sixth period of “I’m Solo” have been produced.

In addition, the 4th technology Young-soo attracted awareness by recounting the recent problem of the crack with Jeong-suk, a shaman.

In the very first episode of the spin-off “I am Solo” by SBS Additionally · ENA “I’m Solo: Like Proceeds” (hereafter “Nasol 4 Seasons”), aired for the initially time at 10:30 pm on the 11th, the tale of the preparation of the marriage of Yeong-cheol and Younger-sook of the 6th era The solitary life of Youngsu and Youngsu of the 4th period was drawn.

On this working day, MC Defconn opened the doors to “Four Seasons of Nasol” and discussed the intent of the system, declaring, “There have been numerous requests to be curious about the future tale of ‘I’m Solo'”. Defconn’s new pal, MC Ga-youthful, replied: “The most curious artists are Young-cheol and Younger-sook” and confessed, “My excellent exterior type is third era Yeong-cheol.”

After a even though, the day by day lifestyle of Yeong-cheol and Younger-sook of the sixth generation was uncovered. Young-cheol introduced the news of the marriage and pregnancy at the identical time, expressing, “Since I was 2 many years aged, I resolved to convey forward the marriage I had prepared to do before.” To this, Youthful-sook mentioned: “Only Nara is a very particular destiny for me.” Young-cheol, a man from Busan, and Younger-sook, a woman from Seoul, ongoing their passionate romance for six several hours round trip. Linked to this, Youthful-cheol claimed, “I went again and forth 3-4 times a 7 days and slept a lot less.” Younger-sook also stated: “I imagined I was ridiculous” and utilized the title of “husband”. ‘to Youthful-cheol, shocking the two MCs. Youngchul also mentioned, “It really is superior to get married when each and every other is the best. I preferred to get married to somebody I actually like and I fell in enjoy at first sight.”

Following a while, the two went out for a marriage ceremony photograph shoot. Especially, the two place collectively a limited-haired doll with mementos to use as props for the shoot, producing a warm ambiance. Young-chul handed the jelly from mouth to mouth to Younger-sook, who was possessing a tricky time filming the wedding, and Defconn replied, “I’m so envious.” About the newlywed house, Yeongcheol explained: “I built it near the Seoul practice station. It would not appear like Youngsook is supplying up his career, so (I) made the decision to go to Busan to work every weekend. It will not subject. how drained I am, currently being with Youngsook is okay since it’s alright, “he mentioned, revealing her lover. Young-sook thanked Young-cheol for that and mentioned, “A person of them had to give up. My brother raised the tale very first, so the ending went well.”

Subsequently, Yeongcheol stopped by Trainer Heart 1 and 2 in Busan to announce the information of the wedding day. Defconn, astonished by the dimension of the majestic centre, exclaimed: “This is a physique magnate.” Yeongcheol, who also revealed his house in Busan, where he lived on your own a person just after a different, experienced a laugh by thoroughly packing his emergency fund as he packed his transferring things. Ultimately, on the day of the transfer, Youthful-cheol, who was cleaning up a two-story newlywed home with neat interiors, expressed his worry, saying, “It is a significant adjust just owning a infant in the womb (by Youthful- sook), but I wanted to relieve the concerns in this element as effectively. “

Subsequently, the solitary life of Youngsoo of the 4th technology was uncovered. Early in the early morning, he opened the doorway to “every day everyday living in the corner of the place” whilst training on your own in the residing room. Young-soo wore a t-shirt with his experience on it and responded to the interview, while at residence he sprayed a captivating perfume, looked in the mirror and danced, showing her overflowing self-enjoy. Defconn claimed, “It really is pretentious, but it truly is sweet,” but Gayoung created absolutely everyone laugh by actually saying, “I you should not believe I am relationship any individual.” Youngsu reported: “It is really been 8 months considering that I aired and I’m continue to receiving a large amount of mentions of myself.” At some point, to Younger-soo, who was proud to read the remarks posted about him, Defconn shivered, indicating, “Will not you experience from superstar sickness?”

Following a while, Youngsu started off reviewing “I am Solo” in which he appeared. In relation to this, Youngsu explained: “I consider I’ve observed it 20 situations”. Jung-sook, a shaman at the time of “I’m Solo”, and Youthful-soo, who became the previous couple at the time, reported, “I you should not see them now. It wasn’t straightforward,” he reported. .

Upcoming, Youngsu had a espresso and did the laundry. Also, soon after savoring digital reality ping pong on his individual, Defconn mentioned, “It seems to be salty.” However, Ga-youthful showed fascination, saying, “I think there are ladies who want to get married (with Younger-soo) just after viewing ‘Four Seasons of Nasol’.” Having said that, Youthful-soo’s time alone was shattered by her mother’s check out. As shortly as her mom appeared, she explained, “Do you just dress in these clothing just about every working day?” “I only noticed ‘I’m Solo'” and “Are you a movie star?” In certain, her mother talked about Younger-soo’s youthful sister, who would be married 1st, and pressured him: “You also should go (married) as soon as doable following calendar year.”

Ultimately, Youthful-soo, who promised her mom to get married, felt lonely, stating, “I wish there was another person there these days” when her mom still left. On the other hand, the upcoming early morning, Youngsoo commenced the working day with workout and ongoing his everyday everyday living by viewing Youngsoo and Jeongsuk’s episodes of “I’m Solo”. To this, the generation staff stressed, “There is certainly very little specific” and Youngsoo proudly replied, “You are unable to be pretty in the air. You have to have a lady to come out, proper?”

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