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“I’m Solo” 17th Episode: Hyun-sook and Sang-cheol Address Controversial Video

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‘I’m Solo’ 17th member Hyun-sook (pseudonym) and Sang-cheol, who developed into a real-life couple, once again explained the photos taken in Yangyang, Gangwon-do.

On the 11th, Hyunsuk revealed the details of the messages exchanged with Sangcheol’s friend who uploaded Yangyang’s video on her SNS and said, “To summarize his answer and Ilseong’s (Sangcheol’s real name) explanation, Yangyang went to play in another area and stopped by for a while at the beach. “After dancing and having fun with each other, we came to Seoul within an hour, and the organizer of the festival was an acquaintance, so we never went even though we were invited every year, so we decided to go because we wanted to make good memories for our friend who had immigrated to Australia.” .

Meanwhile, regarding the video of Sang-cheol dancing somewhat explicitly, Hyun-sook said, “It’s hard for me to accept it too, but they are also acquaintances of the planner, so it was hard to shake them off right away and they said it was really just a fleeting moment.” “If 6 months is short, it’s short. “It’s been a while, but what I’ve seen so far is exactly as he appears on air. He’s always been a sincere and upright friend, and he’s not someone who likes entertainment,” he emphasized.

He also said, “There are many people who are worried about their financial ability due to the rooftop, but he was a person who was more diligent in saving than anyone else, and he only regretted the money he spent on himself.” “This person was a dear friend. It hurts my heart that the life he lived and his values ​​and beliefs were denigrated just for a brief moment in the video,” he wrote about the reason for writing the post.

Prior to this, on the 11th, Sang-cheol commented on the controversial video on his SNS, saying, “I would like to state that all the speculations about me due to the appearance in the video are not true. I can confidently say that I did not do anything that would be embarrassing to the person I love. “I can live my life by always acting properly and trying to keep the standards,” he said. “Still, in the end, it is the result of my actions, so I can accept the criticism towards myself, but the situation where people around me are harmed and criticized because of this is not possible.” “It’s very difficult to bear,” he said.

Hyun-sook and Sang-cheol of the 17th episode of ‘I’m Solo’ became the final couple on the show and became lovers in real life as well. The two announced plans to do a so-called lovestagram in the future, such as releasing couple photos through social media. However, later, a video showing Sang-cheol dancing explicitly in Yangyang was uploaded to various online communities, causing controversy.

(SBS Entertainment News Reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)

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