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“I’m not ashamed of this girl.” Samantha Tina for participating in the TV show “O!Kartes Akademiia”

When the show ends and the cameras are no longer on the cast, is there a sense of emptiness? “I will never forget the date, it was May 16, my victory was the finale. All of us participants stood and thought – that’s it? What should I do now, I have to go home? No one will take us? We won’t all go to bed together? There were differences between the participants very close and loving relationship.

Then it was more like you were thrown from the boat. The first two weeks were very difficult, because then you finally get to social networks. A very big thank you to the makers of the show for keeping us very safe from social media, taking away our phones and it helped us focus. When we finally got to social media, we started reading all about ourselves. It seems that you have won, you are closer to your dream, and suddenly you read the comments, and there is such a fall.

I remember calling my mom and asking why I hated everyone so much. I couldn’t understand it. I just wanted to sing,” says Samantha, feeling about the time immediately after the end of the show.

Even today, Samantha has come to the conclusion that it is impossible to please everyone. With popularity comes unflattering comments. “I don’t think it has to be, but it’s part and parcel. Once you become more visible, not everyone will like you and there will always be an opinion about you. I’ve accepted that – it’s the other side of the coin. Either you’re okay with it, or get out of there,” says Samantha.

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