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After a painful 4-1 home defeat to Cambuur, Fortuna Sittard manager Sjors Ultee takes a look at Instagram in bed. There he sees on the club’s account that all training sessions for that week have been decided. “I wasn’t aware of it as head coach. So I already knew I had to come to the office the next day,” said Ultee.

That Instagram post came after a time when Ultee had already gotten the impression that the end of her employment was approaching. “I felt the tension and pressure build up,” he says Along the line and around.

Often it was like that, but now the tone has also changed, the young coach looks back. Ultee was in fact fired the next day.

From who? “When I arrived at the club the next day, I had a conversation with the technical management. They thought I had decided to keep training. But after a call they found out that was not the case and someone else intervened. The club had decided that.” .

Burak Yilmaz is humble and super sociable.

Sjors Ultee, former manager of Fortuna Sittard

Ultee had just started his third season as head coach at Sittard. In his first season, he finished eleventh with newly promoted Fortuna. The following year was difficult, but the last day the application was a fact.

In that hectic final phase of the season, Ultee had sometimes doubted himself or his vision. But the club didn’t do it, he also wanted to extend his contract.

Everything was different after the summer, because after the defeats (calculated by Ultee) against Ajax and FC Twente, the pressure had already increased. Ultee talks about force fields in football, he had the impression that he could no longer do it well. “I noticed that the conversations went differently. The differences in intuition in the conversations got bigger and bigger.”

‘Supersocial’ Yilmaz

According to Ultee, Burak Yilmaz is not the reason for his departure. Ultee has nice words for the Turkish superstar, who has been to the Sittard by the Turkish owner of the club reached up. “Very good people always have something special. But when it’s exciting, they get up,” says Ultee.


Sjors Ultee saw the resignation on the way after reading an Instagram post

Utrechter had never worked with such a great player before and therefore had to get used to Yilmaz’s greatness. “People sometimes say: no one is bigger than the club. But it could be bigger than the club.” However, Ultee describes the attacker as “humble” and “super sociable”.

Wise lesson Van Gaal

Now Sjors Ultee has plenty of time to think about his future. For the moment, he is not in Belgium, Japan or Poland. He fished for his services from those countries, but he doesn’t want to think about a new club until after the winter.

Until then, he’s trying to become a better coach. With the help of Louis van Gaal. Ultee was able to visit his great example in Portugal to talk about the profession. The most important lesson he learned there: have a vision, stick to it and be a good person.

“I think the latter is the most beautiful end of the coaching profession,” says Ultee.

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