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German couple (from left) Dennis and Steffi met in Harajuku[Photo: Hint-Pot Editorial Department]

It has been 10 years since Japanese cuisine was registered as a UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage. From authentic traditional cuisine to the tastes of ordinary people, Japanese food is gaining popularity around the world. Germans visiting Japan for the first time seem to have discovered the deliciousness of certain Japanese foods that have become popular in their own country over the past few years. What on earth did they eat?

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Traveling to various places to enjoy Japan’s nature Scenery that I wish I could see

I met a German couple, Dennis and Steffi, who were visiting Japan for the first time, in Harajuku, one of the areas in Tokyo that sees a lot of foreign tourists. The two are planning to stay for 22 days.I am looking forward to seeing the natural scenery of Japan, such as autumn leaves.yes. Dennis told me of his plans for the future: “We’ll be heading west from Tokyo.”

“This time, I’m planning to go to Matsumoto Castle, Lake Kawaguchi, Takayama, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Kumamoto.I hope I can see Mt. Fuji from Lake Kawaguchi.”

A journey to Kyushu via Nagano Prefecture, Gifu Prefecture, Kansai and the Chugoku region. Lake Kawaguchi, where Dennis expects a spectacular view of Mt. Fuji, is one of the Fuji Five Lakes and has the longest shoreline, with cherry blossoms in spring, lavender in early summer, and now the best season for autumn leaves. If the weather is nice, you can enjoy the majestic view of Mt. Fuji along with the beautiful lake and autumn leaves.

Onigiri are becoming increasingly popular in Germany as well.

The day before I spoke with them, they had enjoyed hiking in Kamakura. Dennis seems to have a favorite food there.

“Yesterday in Kamakura, I ate tuna rice balls. Not at a convenience store, but at a shop. It was very delicious. So, after that, I also bought a beef rice ball at a convenience store and ate it.”

Tuna and mayo rice balls that are popular among Japanese people (photo is for illustration only)[Photo: Hint-Pot Editorial Department]
Tuna and mayo rice balls that are popular among Japanese people (photo is for illustration only)[Photo: Hint-Pot Editorial Department]

Dennis seems to have discovered the deliciousness of onigiri in its home country of Japan. In fact, rice balls have been gaining popularity in Germany for several years.

In addition to several specialty stores that have already opened, people who trained at popular specialty stores in Japan with long lines of people have opened stores in Germany, and they have quickly become popular. Furthermore, it seems that rice balls are becoming more popular, with some stores even stocking them in the delicatessen section of supermarkets.

Eating rice balls while looking at the natural scenery of Japan that the two of us are looking forward to is even more special. It looks like rice balls will become Dennis’ favorite food throughout this trip.

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