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IFE Universal: Will there be retroactive payments in November?

From Tuesday, November 30 the last payment of the Bono IFE Universal, coming to an end after being in force for more than a year and a half. That final amount will be delivered until the first weeks of December, reaching millions of families.

Registrations are currently open to receive the money corresponding to November, the process of which must be carried out on the website www.ingresodeemergencia.cl.

Will there be retroactive payments from IFE Universal?

During the months of validity of the IFE Universal, people who requested the benefit without being registered in the Social Registry of Households (RSH) could receive the retroactive bonus payments, once your registration in the system has been accepted.

The above was as long as the person obtained registration approval before September 2021. Therefore, if you enrolled in the RSH during October or November, you will not have retroactive payments.

In any case, the Ministry of Social Development explains that “if you registered with the IFE Universal without having a Social Registry of Households and you had your RSH in force in October or November, You must reapply for the IFE between November 6 and 16“.

“If you meet the requirements, you will receive the respective contribution (corresponding to November). Keep in mind that in this case, retroactive payments do not apply,” communicates the agency.

How do you apply?

To request the IFE Universal for November you must enter the site www.ingresodeemergencia.cl, go to the “My IFE” banner and log in with your Unique Password or with the document number of your identity card.

In November, families who:

  • They belong to the most vulnerable or lower 90% of the Social Household Registry (RSH) and who have not been beneficiaries of the IFE as of April 2021.
  • They are between 91% and 100% of the Social Registry of Households, they must declare income when registering.

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