If it’s heavy, you have to think again

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Chairman of the Nasdem Party Surya Paloh raise your voice about the discourse on the duet of the governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan with Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono (AHY) in the Presidential Election (presidential election) 2024.

This statement was made by Paloh especially after he received a visit from AHY as the General Chair of the Democratic Party on Thursday (23/6). Paloh denied there was any discussion about Anies’ duet with AHY at the meeting.

“Nothing. The subject has not been discussed. It means that it has not yet reached that stage. I have to say it as it is,” said Paloh on CNN Indonesia TV’s The Politician program, Monday (4/7) night.



Paloh did not speak specifically about the opportunity for a duet between the two. However, he emphasized that Nasdem is a line that is ready to win in the general election and presidential election. He said his party would rethink if there was a chance to lose.

“No less important, we are looking forward to trying to win the competition. If it feels hard to win the competition, we have to think again,” he said.

Paloh further understands that competing must be prepared for two things, namely losing and winning. However, he stressed that his party must be in the winning line.

For Nasdem, said Paloh, the stakes in the 2024 election are winning or being in the winning line. However, even if they still lose, they must accept it and still respect the winning side.

“We are ready to compete with the consequences of two things. Losing or winning. But it’s time for us to look for defeat. Why compete,” he said.

Paloh said that the winning line was the party that was able to calmly defeat Nasdem’s argument. Not with hatred, but with arguments, facts and data.

According to Paloh, Nasdem already has a track record in the last two elections. He also claimed to have had references as capital to face the 2024 general election and presidential election.

Paloh said that even though the track record is not in shape, it can still be felt. He believes that while the sensitivity is still felt, it becomes the capital to win the competition.

“We can’t catch him. But it feels in our hands. As long as the sensitivity is still with us, it is a big capital in making choices,” he said.


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