If I ended up to reside off my retirement by itself, I would not be equipped to skip

Number of know the radio and tv announcer Jan Rosák. The tv continue to repeats some of his programs as Riskuj! or even Videostop. The great presenter celebrated his 75th birthday and in an interview with Český dnyťy he talked about how he lives his age. He admitted that he failed to come to feel retired at all and was nevertheless functioning. “If I slowed down, I would in all probability die,” he uncovered.

Photograph: Karolina Lebedová

The moderator Jan Rosak.

You celebrated your 75th birthday, how do you really feel?

I seriously experience considerably youthful than my ID claims and it usually surprises me when a person reminds me of that amount, that age. I really don’t take it by some means. Not programmatically, but I am carrying out almost everything to make it primarily invalid. So I am constantly in some type of harness. On the a person hand perform, on the other activity, social difficulties. Basically, I will not enable my physique age.

That is it, I believe it is about the head. The moment you decide it truly is good, it can be good.


You are a presenter and all the individuals who do the job on Tv and are on display have to just take treatment of them selves. How do you get treatment of your hair and beard?

With my hair, of system, I go to the hairdresser or barber to minimize my head off. Beard, I will get treatment of it myself. And correct now I’m getting an eyelid operation, for the reason that when a person out of the blue finds out that she is aggravated when she can see appropriately, she does.

I was wanting to know if by any possibility you have make-up on them, but are they scars immediately after medical procedures?

This is following the surgical procedure. But I guess it will be fine simply because a 7 days has currently handed. This is in essence the only factor I do to continue to keep myself in visually superior form. But normally I let it take its class.

Do you continue to enjoy tennis and soccer?

I do not perform soccer any more, but now I enjoy a tiny golf, mainly because I have some good friends who often stimulate me to play, so my spouse and I at times go to golf. And my principal sport is tennis.

I have study that you are also a lively grandfather. What do you do with your grandchildren?

So perhaps I lied a small little bit, since I engage in soccer with my grandchildren …

Sure, they say you have a balloon for your 75th birthday.

I obtained the ball from my spouse and we enjoy with us in Mníšek. We have a lawn in the back garden, on which I have built two doorways, I have made some guardrails, and there, when the grandchildren occur, of study course we also hitchhike to the son-in-legislation and engage in a great football match. I engage in with them barefoot, they participate in in soccer footwear, so in some cases I lick just one on my ankle.

If I slow down I will likely die

Where can your admirers see you and listen to you?

They can hear to me primarily on Czech radio, in many sessions. On the just one hand, in Šťastná cste, I am from time to time a visitor in some classes, I would say outpatient, but I do a session often with my wife, and this is Bijaček. The wife is a screenwriter who constantly prepares the script, and Regina Květová and I moderate it. It can take spot each to start with Sunday of the thirty day period, so now it will choose location yet again from 11 in Dvojka. They constantly find a concept, there are film clips, so it truly is mainly a kind of cinema on the radio. Well, that is a different factor.

Then I’m continue to on display in Treasures from the Soil, which airs even though we stopped filming on Prime. They are broadcast on Prima and Tv set Barrandov. In some cases a single of the TVs even puts on a retro demonstrate, so I noticed myself in the historic Television show No A person Knows All contest, where by I looked like my nephew and it was fairly funny, simply because the necessities for that Tv demonstrate to seem they ended up fully diverse at the time. So the background is detached, the studio is additional modest, but it is basically a document of his time.

And then the theater. I will play at the Radek Brzobohatý Theater, we are ending a general performance of Lakomec and I will engage in at the Broadway Theater at the change of the 12 months, where I received the stunning part of the grandfather in A Xmas Miracle.

Is not that significantly, Mr. Rosák?

There is a large amount. And what is a lot more, occasionally I will engage in with a semi-skilled ensemble in Všenory, wherever we will prepare a little something, so lovely, personal, with 3 actors. Other than, I also do matters with wine, so just about every thirty day period I put together a wine tasting for the public, about 30-40 guests appear. I always invite an oenologist and I put together, existing and taste.

Two or three a long time ago you had an accident in which the medical practitioners instructed you you had to slow down. From what you happen to be telling me, I never get the emotion you’ve slowed down.

No, no, no, I truly have not slowed down. The incident wasn’t as extraordinary as they wrote it, you know, the tabloids will just take it again and turn it into a heart assault. It was far more of a weak spot. But possibly I took it slow the initial month, and then I failed to.

You are a waste.

I guess so, which is fantastic, due to the fact if I slowed down, I would most likely die. I have a lot of buddies who are the similar age and have been retired for a long time, one particular of them even since he was 50, and by some means this has impacted them. Simply because they’ve gotten so lazy and they’re alone in the garden and they’re not making anything at all real. Of program they like it, but I believe I like the lively lifetime much more.

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What would your message be to seniors who operate out of pensions, formally retire and believe daily life is about?

On the other hand, I know quite well that I am fortunate as I have a job that does not have to conclusion. It implies that if I had been, say, a soccer participant, I have to give up at a certain age due to the fact it just will not likely function anymore. If I have been the supervisor of a manufacturing facility, I almost certainly wouldn’t be the same at some position, because I wouldn’t be that versatile and I wouldn’t run the factory well.

But in my career I can nonetheless moderate and I can continue to engage in. And when it comes to the issue, I will not have to end in advance of I die. There are a whole lot of actors who are 90 and doing terrific.

You just have to strategy it.

I’m scheduling it, I just consider that when I’m 100 it will be a bit of a challenge to discover tennis mates. (chuckle)

A great pension program is missing

How several decades have you been officially retired?

I have been retired for 15 a long time.

This signifies that you have skilled a large amount of enhancements …

It’s accurate. I have now not long ago received a elevate.

What do you think of pensions? And what about state assist for the elderly?

You know, I assume we have not managed to develop a fantastic pension technique still. It is likely a pretty huge problem, so it has been stuck for decades with numerous enhancements and extraordinary improves, so to discuss. Which, sad to say, is most likely not sufficient for a lot of persons.

I think any assist is good, absolutely sure, but if I were being to live on this pension by yourself, I wouldn’t be able to soar all over as considerably as I do. We go on vacation, at times I go to engage in golf, which is not fully absolutely free.

In other words, the pension is fundamentally the minimum the poor can have if they have absolutely nothing extra. For case in point, I have radio, theater, other things to do, so I am fortunate I really don’t have to tighten my belt so considerably.

You are a Czech radio legend, you have a ton of delivers. Is there something you do not want to do? A thing you refuse?

I undoubtedly wouldn’t do just about anything for political events. Definitely not for the events that are totally versus my soul. I would not do anything for some thing that would be against something. This indicates defending anything towards another person and suggesting a little something to somebody. Definitely not.

I, among the us, now limit the moderation of events on stage. I also restrict very long journeys a bit, so I however do up to 100 km, then for me they are too a lot of, for the reason that I you should not like sleeping in other people’s beds. I hope the spouse likes to listen to it. (laugh) So no politics. And what’s controversial absolutely isn’t really.

I was fascinated that you entered Ondra Sokol’s On the Hunt contest. What is actually it like to be on the other facet when you’ve got generally been behind the moderator’s desk?

It is a little something else completely. It is a great deal more tough, for the reason that there you are unable to lean on the text in front of you, and you are not able to persevere just mainly because it is created. This is how he has to dig into his head.

I jumped a minimal little bit extra there, so I bought carried absent with the greatest bid bet, which was genuinely fascinating, and failed to advantage from a erroneous answer. Also bad, it could have been much better, since the income was in charity. But we had been guaranteed some thing, that every person would give 30,000 to charity with the cash from Tv set Nova.

For the rest, I actually liked and I genuinely like Ondra Sokol, who is particularly completely ready, extremely humorous. It is really actually a revelation to me how it labored. He was always a ton of exciting, but he also made as a presenter here and it was a enjoyment to do the job with him.

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I have never indulged

When you have been guiding the microphone for 50 decades, you have taken inventory of your profession. You are now 75 decades aged. What did you definitely do in that life and what are you definitely very pleased of?

It is really this sort of a cliché that I’ve managed to have a loved ones. I managed to find the correct just one, it was actually a coincidence.

And you explained you married her for the dollars … (giggle) (Jan Rosák earlier revealed that he married his spouse right after two months of relationship owing to a newlywed financial loan, ed.)

Certainly, I married her for the income, but that is my joy in daily life, genuinely. It truly is a cliché, as I said, but it really is correct.

But I also imagine that what I managed to do was by no means to indulge any individual, I under no circumstances betrayed my beliefs and I in no way designed statements. I was not carrying bottles everywhere, I wasn’t calling any person: “Choose me, be sure to, mainly because I’d like to.” The supply normally came from them, and I decided if I would acknowledge it. I imagine this, if I can say anything about myself, I am definitely happy of it.

And a little something that went wrong?

Certainly some thing. I really don’t know if I have ever touched any one, I offended them. So probably he will forgive me.

Mr. Rosák, thank you incredibly much for the interview.

Picture: Karolina Lebedová

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