“If he was in his consciousness, my mind would be ready.” Muhammad Ramadan responds to a rumor

01:27 am

Sunday 23 February 2020

Books- Hassan Morsi:

Artist Mohamed Ramadan commented on the reported abuse of Bassem Samra during one of his concerts.

Ramadan, during his dialogue with the media, Wael Al-Ibrashi, said in the first episode of his “ninth” program, broadcast on Channel One of the Egyptian TV, this evening, Saturday, “In the name of Samra Makansh in his consciousness, and if he meant he would be well-dressed and ready for the North ready.”

And the artist continued: “I did not scratch my mind about the incident at the time, and at the last moment I felt that he was trying to foil me, but I cursed him because I knew that he was not in his full consciousness.”


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