IDR 47 million! New Yamaha Motor Sport Avengers Edition Launches, 250 cc engine has advanced features too

MOTOR – IDR 47 million! Motor sports new Yamaha edition Avengers gliding, the 250 cc engine also features.

Well, it’s true, again, news about a new motorbike is circulating, this time Yamaha launched his new motorbike again.

If before Yamaha launching 2 new automatic motorbikes, now it’s the turn of the special motorbike.

Special? Yups, a sports motorbike with a 250 cc engine with a special ‘dressed’ edition Avengers this was launched Yamaha.

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The Yamaha motorbike in question is the Yamaha FZ25.

The special color is inspired by two superhero characters, namely Captain Marvel and Black Panther.

Yamaha Brazil

The new Yamaha FZ25 Captain Marvel edition.

The two colors of the new Yamaha motorbike emblazoned the Avengers logo on the headlamp as their trademark.

Not only are the colors special, the specs and features are okay too.

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