Ice Hockey World Cup 2022 | Denmark – Switzerland 0: 6, Demolition! Switzerland has lost the Danes and is celebrating its second victory

The Swiss decided the duel in the second period, in which they won four times. Striker Denis Malgin contributed to their win with a goal and three assists, and goalkeeper Leonardo Genoni kept a clean sheet.

The Danes had the advantage of a power play right at the beginning of the match, but they could not punish For’s foul. Thanks to that, the Swiss were able to take the lead. In the 9th minute, the forward Herzog took advantage of the hidden view of the Dichow goalkeeper, who hit the post shortly after the bulls.

The Swiss then survived two more weaknesses and decided to win in the second period. In the time of 21:03, Meier used a power play after nine seconds, the referees had to confirm Suter’s goal only after checking the video, because they did not register the puck behind the goal line during the game.

Photo: Martin Meissner, CTK / AP

The Swiss hockey players are celebrating a goal in the Danish netPhoto: Martin Meissner, CTK / AP

Moser took care of the next success of the favorite with an accurate shot, and Kurashev’s power play hit the unsuccessful Danish twenty-minute match. Genoni, on the other hand, didn’t have much to do, but after Ehlers’ shot, the stick helped him.

In the third part, the number one Dahm appeared in the goal of Denmark, but he also collected. Malgin beat him in the power play and added a goal to the three assists.

Hockey World Championship:
Group A (Helsinki):
Denmark – Switzerland 0: 6 (0: 1, 0: 4, 0: 1)
Goals and recordings: 9. Herzog (Glauser, Corvi), 22. Meier (Moser, Malgin), 26. Suter (Malgin, Simion), 33. Moser (Malgin. Suter), 38. Kurashev (Hischier, Corvi), 47 Malgin (Meier, Moser). Judges: Öhlund (Sweden), Rekucki-Davis (both USA), Sormunen (FIN). Exclusion: 4: 6. Utilization: 0: 3. Attendance: 2645.
Dánsko: Dichow (41. Dahm) – Lassen, M. Lauridsen, O. Lauridsen, Jensen Aabo, Larsen, N. Jensen, Kristensen – Ehlers, Nielsen, Blichfeld – Storm, Scheel, Regin – Bjorkstrand, Bau Hansen, Meyer – Aagaard , Jakobsen, Poulsen – Asperup. Coach: Heinz Ehlers.
Švýcarsko: Genoni – Siegenthaler, Kukan, Moser, Fora, Glauser, Geisser, Egli, Marti – Meier, Hischier, Bertschy – Suter, Simion, Malgin – Ambühl, Herzog, Corvi – Kurashev, Scherwey, Thürkauf. Trener: Patrick Fischer.

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