Ice Hockey World Championship 2022 – hockey today Slovakia – Kazakhstan match rating

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The hope of the Slovak hockey team for the coveted advancement to the quarterfinals of the World Cup in Finland is still alive, the coaches of coach Craig Ramsay in the Friday fight of the Helsinki A-group defeated the selection of Kazakhstan just 4: 3.

The Slovaks have six points on their account out of five duels, and in the table they have the fifth place in the score behind the fourth Danes. The Slovak hockey players have two more matches ahead of them, they will challenge the Italians on Saturday evening and the Danes on Tuesday afternoon.

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Votes after the match (source RTVS):

Andrej Podkonický, assistant coach: “It was a difficult match. In the first period we played well up to the fouls we made. In the second goal, we made a mistake in the attack, unfortunately, we got a goal. An opponent’s foul came, it helped us a lot. At 1: 2, the boys were nervous and you could see them. Then we calmed down. We soaked it to the end and I’m glad we were able to win. ”

Juraj Slafkovský, forward and author of the fourth goal of the Slovak Republic: “It simply came to our notice then. We wanted to win the match. I wouldn’t say he was existential. He was like everyone else. We went to him saying that if we wanted to play for anything else, we needed to win. It may have seemed easy, but it was a struggling performance. I am proud of everyone who came on and gave a good performance.

In the third period, we complicated things. These are things that probably belong to hockey. Sometimes we are a little under more stress. There are a lot of young boys here. That happens. It’s all the more valuable that we won. During the penalty shooting, I remembered Petr Cehlárik saying ‘backhand, forehand’. I tried the same thing. ”

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Martin Fehérváry (defender of the Slovak Republic): “It simply came to our notice then. We need to calm down more. We have a really good team. We are young and sometimes stressful, but we have to play more than a team – coherently, go five back and forth, help each other with short passes and play more comfortably.

After the last match, in which we did not manage the power play, we had a meeting. We knew what we had to do – simplify it and shoot the pucks. I let it in there and I’m glad we scored. In the power play, we also produced the third goal, which was scored by Adam Liška. We need to continue our game, which we demonstrated during the second period. The Kazakhs only flew and attacked us uncomfortably. The victory definitely helped us, the atmosphere in the team will be better now. The Italians are waiting for us on Saturday. We need to regenerate and prepare for them. ”

Andrej Kollár (forward Slovakia): “I was very happy with the goal. But the important thing is that we have won and we are happy with three points. It was up and down. We gave them the first two goals with vulgar exclusions. Some mistakes will happen, but we have made quite a few. We were punished for that too. We have to avoid them, then it is much easier to play. In the last third we had a problem getting the puck out of the band, they turned us there several times, but thankfully it fought. ”

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Program of matches of Slovakia at the World Hockey Championship 2022

Adam Liška (forward SR, source: ČT Šport): “It is not easy to play such a match. We have nowhere to retreat, we just need to win all the matches by the end of the tournament. The match did not develop as we imagined from the beginning. In the end, we breathed a sigh of relief that we were able to reverse the course. Strengths and weaknesses are key in hockey, which has been confirmed. When we play such an important match, we should try to avoid weakening. On the other hand, they also belong to hockey. It is necessary to defend them and, on the contrary, to score goals.

As for powerlifting, it was not ideal at all with Switzerland. Yesterday we sat down to powerlifting and watched them on video. We have changed some things and I think they have worked better for us today. We try to go from match to match. We have taken the first important step today, but we need to take two more and then we will look further. We are playing the next match tomorrow, so we will focus on that right now. ”

Miloš Roman, forward of the Slovak Republic: “We gave them the first two goals in a power play, they were unnecessary weaknesses. But in a 5-on-5 game, we can keep up with everyone. We must avoid such fouls and not give them a chance. We wanted to play our game in the third period, but they scored a lucky goal and then played bait. Fortunately, we kept it. ”

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