Ice Hockey: Magnus League – Magnus League: 6th day: Rouen vs Cergy-Pontoise – The dragons all lit up.

Rouen too strong.

In fact, the intentions of the jokers are there as they are the ones who face Melin’s first pitch that Caubet pushes away from the helmet (00.34). Rouen responds with a shot from Cantagallo that Ylonen also deflects from his helmet. (01.11).

Photographer: Marine Romain

Here is the meeting well underway. The pace is high with great intensity, each team responds shot after shot.
If Vigner sees Ylonen’s boot repel his attempt (05.50), Caubet will imitate him on a Salonen shot (06.31). Very often it is a mistake that unlocks the situation and this mistake is Rouen who will do it first.
Puck lost in the neutral zone by the Norman defense, Thompson recovers and gives Salonen who sees Hordelalay only on the left and pushes the puck between Caubet’s legs (06.45 / 0-1 / Hordelalay ass. Salonen and Thompson).

From that moment on Rouen will push and while benefiting from a power game Ylonen remains impervious. The pressure from Rouen builds and the reward will come.

Photo hockey Ligue Magnus - Ligue Magnus: 6
Photographer: Marine Romain

On a long sequence of possession of the premises, Elorinne on the right sends a millimeter pass to Maia alone in the slot that converts the offer (12.27 / 1-1 / Maia ass. Elorinne and Bedin).

This well-deserved tie gives wings to dragons who take over the ice, so Cergy is gone.
Under pressure the jokers lose the puck in neutral and Elorinne throws Beauchemin on the right, feigns the pass to Boivin in the middle and with a wrist shot near the post deceives Ylonen (17.12 / 2-1 / Beauchemin ass Elorinne and Perret).

Cergy’s ordeal continues as first it is Chakiachvili who finds the pole (17.41) and on power play at the end of the third, Tessier is at the conclusion of a collective move for the third goal (19.06 / 3-1 / Tessier ass. Roman and Guimond).

The two teams return to the locker room with their heads down for Cergy and their heads held high for Rouen. A third who will have seen a large dominance of the dragons against the wild cards somewhat lost on the ice despite a good start.

Rouen takes the point home.

The break did not allow the jokers to regain their health as Rouen’s pressure resumed from the start. Despite a power play, Rouen won’t be able to really endanger Ylonen. In these first five minutes there is almost only one team on the ice, with Cergy still certainly remaining in the locker room.
The jokers have the opportunity to recover their health during a numerical advantage but neither Melin in blue (25.18), nor Farnier up close (25.24) deceive Caubet’s vigilance.

Photo hockey Ligue Magnus - Ligue Magnus: 6
Photographer: Marine Romain

Worse also because on his release from prison, Guimond sends a big slap that Ylonen does not control, Cantagallo following and, on the backhand, deceives the Cergy goalkeeper (27.00 / 4-1 / Cantagallo ass. Guimond and Roman).

With a good lead, Rouen released his hold and Cergy suddenly took advantage of it to re-emerge. Salonen for the first time forces the Norman goalkeeper to work (27.53) then Kaupila (31.30) and again Salonen (32.37) collide with the Rouen goalkeeper.
Three opportunities that deserved a better fate in terms of design. We enter the last two minutes, when the dragons choose to shake the nets once again.
On a quick attack activated by Boivin, who finds Yéo on the left, his heavy shot is rejected by Ylonen but Beauchemin emerges and sends the puck over the fateful line (38.15 / 5-1 / Beauchemin abs. Yéo and Boivin).

Another high quality third of the dragons that left little room for jokers not quite the best.

Rouen to finish.

Ylonen outspoken because very busy in the first two thirds gives way to Gilbert for the latter period. As soon as he enters he will have to undergo a power play but will only have to intervene on an attempt by Lamperier (40.31).
The dragons fly to the encounter and will materialize once again.
Vigner overflows to his right, sees Tessier on axis which fades in favor of Tournier, who upsets the defensive host. The shot of the young neo-defender from Rouen hits the mark finding the goal of the opposite side (44.37 / 6-1 / Tournier ass. Tessier and Vigners).

Photo hockey Ligue Magnus - Ligue Magnus: 6
Photographer: Marine Romain

It is the first goal of the young Rouennais among professionals and rewards his performances since the beginning of the season. Cergy, from the timid forays into the Norman field by Miller (46.10) and Bower (46.48) will no longer put goalkeeper Caubet in difficulty.
Cergy, shot after shot, will be taken by the patrol.
On the first superiority only Beauchemin tickles Gilbert (47.13), on the second Beauchemin forces Gilbert to work again but does not check the puck and Bedin on guard makes him pay (51.24 / 7-1 / Bedin abs. Nice route).

The end of the match will only serve to make Caubet shine who will be to his advantage on the goals of Miller (52.12) and Salonen (53.37).

Rouen, for the first time of the season, will have played an entire match during the entire match. The Norman collective is to be highlighted as the will to win duels and the intensity will have been present. Cergy will have completely missed his game. Difficult to form an opinion on the quality of the workforce of coach Parades as his players have been absent subscribers. It is up to the Normans to continue the shooting seen during this meeting on their next trip to the Basque Country in Hormadi in Anglet.

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