Icardi publishes photo of Wanda Nara half-naked and then deletes it

Argentine footballer has returned to declare himself to the model and businesswoman.

Through social networks, footballer Mauro Icardi made a publication celebrating the ten years of relationship with Wanda Nara, who he later eliminated.

“She, my wife, my only love, the queen of the kingdom of my life, the mother of my children. I love you. 10 years of love in which we faced millions of beautiful things, others less beautiful, but we fought against everything , against the insults, against all the “clowns” who wanted to get on this train that only we know how much it costs. Only we know how much we gave each other to be where we are today. I love you and will love you forever, my queen,” wrote the Galatasaray striker, on loan from PSG.

Then, in a “story” on the social network Instagram, he published a photo of Wanda Nara half-naked and wrote: “Everyone gives him a ‘like’ [gosto]but I’m the one who takes the picture”. As with the publication, the “instastory” was also deleted.

At a time when it is not known whether the couple is together or not – they have already announced their separation and the resumption of their relationship a few times – Icardi guaranteed that the two are “together forever”. “We are together, let’s be together forever,” she wrote in her Instagram “stories” as well.

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