“I stay open”: in Capoterra the gym does not close

He promised it yesterday, he did it today: Giovanni Montis, owner of the Cetic Center in Capoterra, has chosen to open his gym despite the latest Dpcm requiring the closure of fitness centers and swimming pools.
“I remain open”: the banner hanging outside the gym comes after the appeal that Montis and his colleague Salvatore Garau, owners of the two gyms in Olmedo and Sennori, had launched yesterday to the Government to ask for a turnaround on the lockout.
“This morning, as I do every day, I opened my gym to the public – says Montis -, I placed some equipment outside and the athletes, respecting social distances, were able to train in complete safety: we respected the rules, since everyone trained outdoors. Another closure like that of last spring would be the coup de grace for all the fitness centers on the island.

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