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“I Opted for Success at Ajax over Ten Hag’s Suggestion of Being Rented Out”

Kenneth Taylor doesn’t have a bad word to say about Erik ten Hag, the man who made his debut at Ajax. Initially there was no breakthrough under the Tukker, but Taylor is grateful to his former trainer. He tells that in one interview with Helden magazine.

Taylor says he has an excellent relationship with Ten Hag. “I could always go to him if I had something and I learned a lot from him. But it was also difficult for me under Ten Hag,” he says.

“The first year that I joined the selection, I had few expectations. It was already fantastic that I was there. The following season I occasionally filled in, but I really wanted to play more. The trainer noticed that in me. He suggested renting me out so that I could play more minutes. I didn’t want that, I wanted to succeed at Ajax. At the end of last season I got a starting place a few times. “

Although Taylor’s breakthrough only followed afterwards, he has no bad word for Ten Hag. “Even when I sat on the bench and listened to his talks, I learned a lot. We had a very good team, I was still young and when I look back on it now, it is not at all strange that I was not favored. But when I was in that situation, it was difficult. I just have very little patience, even in normal life.”

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