“I hope the disabled are not alienated by the latest technology”… Apple’s ‘The Greatest’ Campaign – Brief description of the brand

Director Kim Gehrig X Apple Collaboration
Emphasizes Apple’s willingness and commitment to “technological accessibility” for people with disabilities

Apple, a global IT company, has introduced “The Greatest,” a campaign showcasing the company’s willingness and dedication to making technology accessible for people with disabilities.

According to a report by Ad Age, a global advertising medium, on the 5th, Apple released an ad showing how Apple’s technology can increase accessibility for people with disabilities on International Day of Persons with Disabilities (December 3). .

Directed by world-renowned director Kim Gehrig, this campaign features the journey of seven people with disabilities who live their daily lives using Apple technologies such as image description, magnifier function and Siri voice recognition function .

A blind pianist choosing her outfit before going on stage using the image description function, a teenage cheerleader with Down syndrome doing her school homework using Apple Tech, and a hard of hearing person recognizing crying from a child with an Apple Watch to physically handicapped people in wheelchairs taking selfies using the voice command function. The advertisement portrays in a bright and hopeful mood how Apple’s technology is helping us in our daily lives.

‘I am the Greatest’, the slogan of this campaign and the original soundtrack of the advertisement, is a tribute to Muhammad Ali, a legendary boxer who fought for the human rights of people with disabilities after suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

The music in this commercial is a remix of the Spinifex song ‘I am the Greatest’, and was performed by disabled musician and producer Cola Boyy (Matthew Urango) at this year’s Coachella, and was improvised by blind jazz pianist Matthew Whitaker.

The creative for Apple’s “The Greatest” ad campaign was independently planned by Apple and produced by Somesuch, the production company to which director Kim Gehrig belongs.

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