I don’t talk at all in the film Report on the Rescue of the Dead, for which I’m happy, I don’t remember the lyrics, laughs Vojtěch Dyk

The film premiered at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival on Thursday, and the filmmakers presented it at the Czech Television House before its premiere.

Director Václav Kadrnka, who often draws on his family in his films, mentioned that his experience with his father left him with a desire to share it.

“I want the viewer to feel something. If I had to simplify it, I would like the viewer to feel some light that even in the moments when suddenly comes the pain and nearness of death, he can actually be liberated and can be strong and creative, “he explained.

Delegation of filmmakers Report on the Rescue of the Dead.

Photo: Petr Horník, Právo

“I would like the film to provoke a discussion about the question that will be raised in the film, namely whether we can repair our body and heal with the power of thought. This is a question that interests me and I don’t have an answer to it yet, “he added, adding that he also talked about the subject of the film with his father, who approved the film.

The role of the mother, who spends time with her son at the bedside of a father who fell into a coma after a stroke, was performed by the Slovak actress Zuzana Mauréry, who also accepted the lead role for personal reasons.

“It could not be refused, because I experienced something similar with a not so happy ending. My dad decided to leave. That was one important moment. The second was that when I looked at Vašek’s film Křižáček, it was clear to me that this would not be a classic acting film, but it would be a very concentrated work of a different kind, “she said, noting that she had never seen the finished film and is on the final version herself. curious.

“This was art work and I think it’s an important thing because it’s part of our lives. It’s very difficult to accept the situation and let go, but we have to learn it somehow, and I think the film could help, “she added.

Discussion in the Czech Television House with the creators of the film Report on the Rescue of the Dead. The picture shows director Václav Kadrnka, actors Vojtěch Dyk and Zuzana Mauréry

Photo: Petr Horník, Právo

The actor and singer Vojtěch Dyk played the son in the film. He explained that he was very surprised by the director’s father’s experience with a stroke.

“After a stroke, he became interested in completely different things, and it triggered something in his brain that he hadn’t had before. For example, he began to add various numbers that he did not add without a calculator, and the like. So I was surprised that we have all this in us and only thanks to a stroke will it start for us, “he told Novinky.

He added that he had not yet seen the final form of the film, but the shooting managed to give him experience in other acting roles. “Until I was filming this, I probably hadn’t experienced any concentrated-deep work that, paradoxically, without words,” Dyk said, adding that most of the time playing with facial expressions and gestures suited him, as he had trouble learning. texts.

Kadrnk’s film The Report on the Rescue of the Dead, which is going to cinemas next year, is running in the main competition section 55. Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. The main prize at the festival four years ago was won by his previous film Křižáček.


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