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“I do not want to sleep”: Pascal Peroteau’s new show delights children at La Blaiserie socio-cultural center in Poitiers-Ouest

On the stage of La Blaiserie plunged into darkness, three ghost figures appear. But the middle and upper kindergarten students, gathered for this morning school session in the socio-cultural center of Poitiers-Ouest, are not afraid. They even laugh heartily when they discover I do not want to sleepthe singer’s new show Pascal Peroteau and his acolytes Fabrice Barré and Philippe Blanc.

For an hour, the three artists will explore, in music and song, the world of the night: from the nocturnal animals that roam there (bats, cats, hedgehogs, etc.) to the thousand and one stratagems invented by the children to delaying bedtime, going through the dreams and nightmares that populate their nights, everything is reviewed through catchy songs, with varied rhythms and atmospheres.

Four commissioned films

It must be said that the three friends are singers and multi-instrumentalists. We therefore move from a trio of chamber music (with double bass, cello and bass clarinet) to country or New Orleans atmospheres (where the harmonica and the banjo compete with the drums). “There are even resolutely rock, even electro passages”underlines clarinetist and drummer Fabrice Barré.

“At the start of this project, I wanted to write poems, explains Pascal Peroteau as he leaves the stage. But I finally told myself that songs were what I did best. These songs were written three years ago, before confinement. And I quickly realized that the theme of night and sleep recurred in several of them. That’s how this show was born. We then spent a lot of time developing the musical arrangements, scheduling the creative residencies and commissioning the four animated films which are projected on stage. »

During the young audience show “I don’t want to sleep”, animated films are projected on three circular screens suspended at the back of the stage, behind the three musicians.
© (Photo NR-CP, Laurent Favreuille)

Produced frame by frame, using cut-out paper and modeling clay, or in live action, these films were patiently produced by four different teams: filmmaker Lucie Mousset alone, a pair composed of Laurie Meslier and Dimitri Lecoussis , the Trottino Clowns duo and a family trio made up of Philippe Blanc, Sarah Blanc and Véronique Nauleau. The latter also provides video management during the performances, while David Dosnon is on sound and Édith Gambier on lights.

This Wednesday, April 10, at 3 p.m., it will be time for the final performance of this series of seven programmed as part of the young audience season Les Petits avant, les grands pères. At the end of this, more than 1,250 children – including 850 schoolchildren – aged 5 to 9 will have been able to discover this twirling and virtuoso show.

Wednesday April 10, 2024, at 3 p.m., at the La Blaiserie sociocultural center, rue des Frères-Montgolfier, in Poitiers. Prices: from €3.50 to €10. lablaiserie.org
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