I didn’t have the energy to live normally, I’m not good at it, Polášek explains goodbye to jumps

Mental and physical exhaustion, loss of motivation and an unpleasant experience from the Beijing Olympics are behind the sudden end of Viktor Polášek’s ski jumper.

“The main reason I decided not to go any further is that I don’t have any motivation anymore. After four very difficult years for me, I just can’t go on anymore. Both physically and mentally, I’m not well at it, and that’s the main reason why I’m so he decided, “explained the 24-year-old Polášek, who announced the end of his career on Sunday after the World Cup race in Oslo.

The competitor living near Nové Město na Moravě had a hard time talking about his reasons. “It certainly didn’t help me much that I wanted to give it my all this year, and it probably hurt me,” he said, exaggerating the effort to lose weight to the ideal jumping weight.

“I couldn’t function like a normal person and it went so far that I didn’t have the energy to live normally. My surroundings noticed, but I actually took it that I did my best to do something in a season. Now that I take it back, so it wasn’t a good trip, “admitted the junior world champion from 2017.

The Beijing Olympics also hastened their departure from the jumping world. He spent most of his time in solitary confinement instead of on a bridge in Yenching due to a positive coronavirus test. “It was one of the biggest nails in the coffin,” Polášek revealed.

He clung to the games a lot. “Even though the year didn’t turn out the way I wanted, Beijing was my main goal. But there was no chance to prove anything I was trying to work on. To actually spend the whole Olympics in peace and then look at the last two days, that was very complicated, “he said, having completed one training session and a team race after ten days.

At the moment, he wants to get together mentally and medically. “So that I can prepare for what awaits me in life,” Polášek said.

Then he tries to find a new direction in his life. “Something that will keep me entertained, because the last few years have not been easy. I need a restart that will give me some direction in life, and I hope to find something that I will enjoy, like I enjoyed jumping,” Polášek wished.

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