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I cannot forgive myself that a lynching fell on them

She will add posted an important entry on the web. She showed a picture of her parents from her youth and referred to the important role they played in her life. She also noted that she is able to do a lot when someone steps on her print and tries to hurt her relatives.

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Doda showed a photo of her parents from their youth

During her many years of career in show business, Doda has faced many attacks – we could recall the last scandal with her participation recentlywhen one of the plastic surgeons talked about her numerous surgeries that in fact did not exist. The singer proved that he was wrong and won in court, and recently even had a public apology.

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You can see that she always tried to fight for hers, but nothing touched her as much as criticizing her parents and writing about their private affairs in the media. In the latest entry, she added a photo of them from her youth and noted that she would always react to attempts to embarrass or discredit her family.

I love my parents so much. I cannot imagine my life without them. Always with me, always with me, always with me. If someone had offered me to be born into the richest family, the most influential, the most beautiful country in the world, where I would never have to worry about my future, my finances and my fate, I would have laughed so loudly that his eardrums would burst. I would not exchange my parents’ love and support for anything in the world – she wrote.

She resents herself that her work and media activity had an impact on her parents’ lives. It is here:in. about conflict with Agnieszka Woźniak-Starakwho informed about the illegitimacy in the program “Na Języ” baby Doda’s father. The case ended in court – the singer’s parents won it and received a public apology. She will add she noted then that the whole situation had an impact on the health of Wanda and Paweł Rabczewski.

I am so sorry that they must have had to endure all my failures and private failures. I cannot forgive myself that due to my fame hate and media lynching fell on them. Gossip and TV magazines made their privacy a circus. For my mother it ended up with a cancer resulting from permanent stress … I am so sorry that I could not provide them with peace, sometimes messing up too much in show business or ending relationships with a bang.

She also appealed that she would always protect them.

Respect and love your parents. I pray and I will do everything to provide them with media peace and protect them in their old age (they are already over 70 years old), regardless of WHO provokes me in the future. Remember these words – she informed.

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Did you expect such words from her?

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