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Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy has asked his colleagues to act on the deadly shooting at a Texas elementary school.


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– What are we doing? Why do you spend all your time running for election to the Senate?

A clearly upset Murphy addressed his colleagues in the American upper house just after the shooting episode in the small town of Uvalde on Tuesday. 21 people – 18 children and three adults – has been confirmed killed so far-

– If the answer is, while more are slaughtered and our children run for their lives: we do nothing? What are we doing? Why are you here?

Murphy went down on his knees on the floor inside the Senate, according to a journalist on the TV channel MSNBC.

– I’m here on the floor to beg you, quite literally on my hands and knees to ask you: find a way forward. Work with us to make laws that make this less likely.

WANT STRICTER RULES: Chris Murphy has long argued that the United States should tighten gun laws. Here he is during a press conference outside the US Congress on May 7, 2018.

– People have failed

The gun laws in many places in the United States are very liberal, which makes it easy to obtain weapons for private individuals.

Fred Guttenberg, an anti-gun activist who saw his 14-year-old daughter killed in a school shooting in Parkland, Florida in 2018, told MSNBC:

– People have failed. I’m finished. People failed our children again for hell. Ok? I’m done and bored. How many more times will it happen, Guttenberg says according to the channel and adds:

– Should I listen to him the governor of Texas talk about why he fought to make laws that made it easier to obtain weapons?

ON HALF POLE: US President Joe Biden has lowered the flag outside the White House and other public buildings “as a sign of respect for the victims” at the primary school in Uvalde.

Another father who lost his 17-year-old son, Joaquin, in the Parkland shooting, says comforting words are a poor consolation for grieving parents after a school shooting.

– I’m very angry, says Manuel Oliver CBS News.

– We know that this will happen again tomorrow. We just do not know where.

Oliver asks society to “wake up” and do something about the situation in the country. According to the U.S. Firearms Violence Archive (Gun Violence Archive) there have been 2012 mass shooting episodes in the US so far in 2022.

– Some will say, “Our hearts are with the families.” Well, guess what? Families do not need their damn hearts. They need their children. And the children are not there anymore, Olivier tells CBS News.

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