The very easy to use and comprehensive computer monitoring tool HWiNFO recently released a v7.30 version update which adds support for many new hardware that will be launched this month, such as various X670 / B650 / Z790 / B760 motherboards and features such as support for RDNA3 / ARC GPU optimization.

This October not only has AMD Ryzen 7000 processors and X670, B650 motherboards, and then 10/20 there are 13th Generation Intel Core processors and new Z790, B760 motherboards.

Including GPU updates like Intel Arc, NVIDIA RTX 40, AMD RDNA 3, etc, this month is going to be pretty lively, so HWiNFO v7.30 has some updates.

Players can download the latest version of the software from the HWiNFO website.


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