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Husqvarna Eco City EC1 Electric Bike Review: A Reasonable Choice for Everyday Routes

Husqvarna, known mostly for chainsaws and lawnmowers, the Eco City EC1 electric city bike is a very reasonable choice for everyday routes.

When Motosports.lv approached me saying that they would like me to test Husqvarna electric bikes, I had no idea that Husqvarna had bikes. The first thought was that it must be something that can put batteries in a battery saw or drill. Unfortunately or fortunately, that has not happened in real life.

Husqvarna Eco City EC1

Between me and Rudolph, we divided the 2 e-bikes on offer – a city bike and a MTB. I immediately took to the horns of a city dweller, because I am one myself. Where am I in Teika with MTB? In another article, Rudolph will share his impressions with the Husqvarna Light Cross LC1.

Electric bike = lovely day

There is an interesting thing to do with electric bikes – you want to ride them more. As with the NIU EUB 01 Sport, which I tested earlier, the legs asked to take another turn, because they are so cool and light. Unlike NIU, this one didn’t ask for a layover In forcebet bro in pleasure your journey.

Equipped with 7 gears and 4 types of assistance, Husqvarna Eco City EC1 allowed you to enjoy not only the bike lane of Brīvības Street and the Biķernieki motorcycle track, but also the forest trails. The only time I got a little disappointed was when I hit the white sand and realized that even with all the assist I wasn’t going to get ahead – this is no MTB though. Driving in an urban environment is like how I imagine a cloud drifting by.

Husqvarna Eco City EC1

Among the official documents, there are 3 assistance modes – Eco, Trail and Boost. I want to say that there is also a 4th – disabled assist. My favorite was the Trail in combination with the 6th shifter. Then I stayed at a comfortable 22 km/h on the straight. Without the assistant I’m doing around 20km/h, but with Boost and the top gear I’m easily around 25km/h. Of course, as required by European regulations, assistance ends at 25 km/h. At that moment there is even a little shock – how can it be that it was so easy for me just now, but here suddenly I have to put in my strength?!

It is for this reason that some people who have not ridden an e-bike often think of it as a kind of whizzing or whirring rather than cycling. However, statistics show something else – people who have electric bikes are moving more and more often with them than those with ordinary bicycles.

Husqvarna Eco City EC1

The datasheet also says that a full battery can do 125 km in Eco mode, while Trail and Boost offer 85 km and 60 km respectively. However, my short experience says that it should be multiplied by 0.8 to get approximately the true numbers. That’s a lot anyway from a Shimano SH1 418 Wh (36 V, 11.6 Ah) battery mated to a Shimano E6100 250W assist motor that has 40 Nm of torque. If Latvia’s roads were suitable for safe cycling, I would definitely like to take this bike to the countryside 80 km away or to a leisure trip where a sauna by the sea awaits you at the end.

Shall we?

I really liked this e-bike for its simplicity and perceived durability, but there are two things I would point out as things that might put someone off – the weight and the price.

23.2 kg is still a lot. It’s not on the heavy end, but it’s too much for an untrained person to carry to an apartment higher than the 3rd floor on a daily basis. It requires adequate infrastructure (storage or bicycle garage) in the courtyard or lobby, if available. Fortunately, the battery itself can be easily removed from the wheel and taken to its safe place. Another bonus is that you can charge it at work. Hardly anyone will notice that the battery is being charged.

Husqvarna Eco City EC1

Cena… “Why buy an electric bike for €2,099 when you can buy a Maxima regular bike for €199?” If you are among those who ask such a question, then you must admit that a good wheel, let alone an electric one, still needs to mature. Yes, Husqvarna is not at the cheap end, but for good bikes (non-electric) the price quickly approaches the €1000 mark. At this point, I also have to admit that when it comes to choosing an electric bike, this aspect would make me look at alternatives on the market. Despite the fact that I like this model.

However, this bike has its own bonuses over other cheaper e-bikes. I will highlight three that I think are the most important:

It is very well thought out and the weight is well balanced. I have ridden an e-bike that felt as if it could jerk the wheel when the assistant turns on. At no point did it feel like there was too much or too little power. It would be harder for the uninitiated to identify this as electric, as the battery is successfully sandwiched between the rear wheel and frame and the assist motor is by the pedals. The battery is seen to be under the trunk, which in some cases means the rear wheel is smaller than the front, again creating a disproportionate visual appearance. The battery has also been seen to be placed on the frame just above the pedals, making it an easy target for would-be thieves. The battery is really big. The cheapest e-bikes, even in eco mode, would not realistically come close to what this one would provide boost mode. It also allows the battery to be jostled a bit more to get up the incline. Husqvarna Eco City EC1

By the way, the kit includes lighting. At first I thought they were just pretty reflectors, but when I noticed the inscriptions about the incoming volts, I discovered their true nature. Other cool things that come as standard include a kickstand, full-size mudguards, a boot that can hold up to 25kg and the fact that the seatpost has markings on how high it’s raised. This is especially important if the wheel is shared with someone else. And the same goes for steering angles.

In conclusion

If Latvia were to receive support not only for the purchase of new machines, but for changing better travel habits, we would definitely experience a great demand for such wheels. Or the existing write-off scheme, where they give 1000€ for writing off breakto buy an electric car, could be adjusted to use this amount for mobility – public transport, electric moped or bicycle.

And personally, I am very happy that there is another store where you can buy various electric vehicles. Especially ones that aren’t just for smooth roads. If you are interested in active and fast movement, definitely go to the Motosports store in person or on the web. In addition to bicycles, they also offer electric children’s balance bikes and electric motorcycles.

Electric balance wheels from Husqvarna

Motosports.lv range of electric motorcycles

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