Hurtado reappeared and spoke about his process after being suspended from his position as mayor

He warned that “these suspensions generate crises.”

After a statement issued through his Facebook account in which he warned of alleged violations of his fundamental rights, the mayor – suspended – of Ibagué Andrés Hurtado, reappeared in a live broadcast to, according to him, comment on how his process is progressing. after the provisional suspension, of three months, ordered by the Attorney General’s Office for alleged participation in politics.

“We hope that no later than next week it will go to the Disciplinary Chamber, which is the second instance, there we will be right, because it has acted unfairly, all rights and due process have been violated,” he also pointed out. civil engineer.

And he added: “10 tests were decreed and they only had one, our right to defense was violated. We have filed the appeals before the Court of Cundinamarca, this passed to the Eighth Court, from the First Court to the Constitutional Court, and they have been pinning my process.

Likewise, he was positive and indicated that “the good news is that we will be back soon.” In the same way, he requested support from his cabinet, now led by Health Secretary Johana Ximena Aranda.

In addition, in the middle of the pronouncement, he made a description of a series of, in his opinion, problems that he found upon his arrival at the Municipal Administration. Finally, he highlighted the school infrastructure works -despite the controversy caused by the scant progress in some institutions-, the realization of the Colombian Folkloric Festival which, in its accounts, would leave the Musical City with around $300 thousand million, between other projects.

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